TTC Round 2, #1 | DPO 13

Temp up even higher today. My post-ov temp is usually 98.1 On 10DPO it dipped to 97.9. On 11DPO and 12DPO it went up to 98.3. This morning, 13DPO, it’s now 98.5. I was totally going to test this morning, but sleepy-brained me completely forgot until it was too late.

To add to the confusion, yesterday I was completely exhausted. I pushed myself to go for a short run and then to go lifting, but I didn’t even make it up to my warm-up weight on the squats, I was so weak and tired. When we got home I was still convinced I could somehow handle the day, but within the hour I had already surrendered. So I went back to sleep and when I woke up I felt a little better, but as soon as we went out to do errands, the exhaustion crept back in. So I slept again. And then when it was time for bed only a few hours later, I was able to go to sleep like I hadn’t just been sleeping all day.

It was weird. I haven’t had anything like that without an obvious cause, but I was neither sleep-deprived nor overly stressed nor overly worked nor anything. I could have been sick? I had just seen my friend the day before who was still getting over something. But I feel fine today…

I don’t feel any other symptoms. Actually, weirdly, I was all crampy up until my temp rose, and now the cramps have disappeared. I don’t  know what this is, just that it’s different than every other cycle I’ve had. But then, I could have said the same thing about several of our attempts last year, so I’m not convinced. New and weird events do not correlate with anything in my experience.

But I’m no longer completely convinced that this cycle is out. I took out a HPT from our new batch of tests to try this morning, now this evening, in the (unlikely) event that the previous batch were off. I’m not going to buy any FRER tests until I officially miss my period, which would be Wednesday and after. I am very cautiously hopeful, because I know what having too much hope and willfully ignoring the high probability of BFN has done to me in the past.

But I wouldn’t mind if you guys shared any success or cautionary stories with related circumstances. 🙂



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7 responses to “TTC Round 2, #1 | DPO 13

  1. Eeeep! I don’t have any success stories to share, but this all sounds promising! My fingers are crossed!

  2. AndiePants

    Exhaustion was my number 1 early pregnancy symptom. The first few days I also just felt ‘off’ – like I was starting to get sick. So, I’m hoping these are good signs for you!!

  3. I had cramping right before my bfp too, very tired was beyond me! I hope this is it for you!

  4. Those temps are great! I’m impressed with how long you’ve held off on the frer — fingers crossed for you!

    • I’m kind of surprised, too. I think a large part of it is that I am convinced that if I go buy a FRER now – before my period is officially late – then my period will start within minutes of that purchase. But I’m starting to cave under the curiosity and I’ve only got one more day left to wait…

  5. The extreme need to sleep was one of my early symptoms too. I’m praying for you.

  6. B

    Good luck! It sounds promising to me!

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