February Whole 28

The last time I did a Whole30 was over two years ago. At that time I decided I had learned all I would from the experience and that it was time for me to go out alone with a mostly paleo diet.  I knew what worked for me, and then with the autoimmune protocol I quickly discovered the last few things which were absolutely not working for me.

But it’s one thing to know what works & it’s another to actually abide by those things. I let myself go a little laxer than usual these past few months, thinking I could just get everything back under control in January. Well. Then January happened and some days it was all I could do just to function. My will-power to stay fat far away from baked goods had vanished.

But January will be over soon and I want February to be my clean slate. I think the clearest and easiest way to start fresh is by going back to my roots. I have the Whole30 to thank for initially getting me off of my poorly implemented version of vegetarianism (bagels and cereal may be meatless but good for me they were not) and teaching me that I could control my anxiety and weight and how I felt about myself through food. Then the AIP taught me food could be medicine, too.

What will I be doing? Well, the Whole30 is a strict commitment to paleo for – you guessed it – 30 days. There’re a few extra rules, but it’s nowhere near as intense as the AIP:

– No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
– No alcohol
– No grains
– No legumes
– No dairy

My only exception to those rules will be the grassfed butter I occasionally put in my coffee. I have learned I don’t really have an issue with small amounts of dairy and the alternative of coconut oil makes my feel ill.

Looking at that list makes me even more determined to do this. I could have said unequivocally that I stuck to those guidelines at least most of the time a few months ago, but definitely not now. And I can feel it.

Like with the AIP, I’m going to focus on what i can have and not what I can’t. Coconut cream and fresh berries for one (yum!). All the avocados and olives and ants on a log (with sunbutter) for another.

The biggest change, for me, will be learning how to refuse the goodies at work again. None of the cake and bread and rolls and muffins and bagels are special or particularly tasty, but they’re just constantly there and hard to ignore. And I learned, unfortunately, that just the one muffin won’t do me much harm. But I can’t stop at one, wherein lies my problem.

My other goal is to lose some of this pudge. Baked goods make me puff up and weeks of them make me chubby. The Whole30 is really good at making me feel less like a whale and quickly.

Like with the AIP, I’m going to keep a log here of food and how I’m feeling, because that helped keep me on track and honest last time. I’ll try not to spam with everyday posts, but I figured I should give ya’ll fair warning.

I’ve got a week to plan, recipes to find, and food to prep. Hopefully this will also distract me from TTC, inasmuch add anything really can.

[Today is DPO12/14 and the second day in a row of triphasic temps. Yet still bfn. What does it mean! ]

I might also be on instagram more of anyone wants to follow me for pictures of cats, chickens, and food: speckofawesome



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14 responses to “February Whole 28

  1. It’s amazing how Whole30 can make you feel like you’re regaining control on your life. Good luck! I hope your February rocks!

  2. I’m new at blogging and I’m two weeks in the Paleo diet. I just shared my experience on my blog I think you should check it out: marjoritydotcom.wordpress.com

  3. Wait a couple days and retest with a FRER! 🙂

    I’m thinking of doing a low glycemic diet.

  4. Oooh, I’m excited for the food posts! I lurk on tons of clean-eating type instagrams, but just haven’t found the will power to stick to any single regimen. Anyway, it definitely helps to have some personal goals – besides getting a baby in your uterus – to keep you sane while TTC 🙂

    • Ooh, good to know. Then I won’t feel weird posting photos of food and/or recipes.
      I’ve tried a handful of other regimens in the past, but the Whole30/paleo is really the only one I’ve been able to stick with.

  5. Crossing my fingers about the TWW this month! I didn’t get a true BFP until I was about 14 dpo and it was still pretty light. I haven’t done the Whole30 specifically but I did do something called Onvo which was really similar. It’s such a great re-set.

  6. I for one am looking forward to seeing your posts about Whole30. Have been interested in a change for a while but with so many different things out there I get overwhelmed with the possibilities and dont ever start anything :-/ hoping for some inspiration from your blog, as I already enjoying reading what you post anyway! Good luck!

    • Yeah, there’s so many possibilities! And the way I always read it, everything always works! But unfortunately, some things work better than others for various people, so sifting through all that to find what works best for you can be a challenge. I think that’s kind of why I like the Whole30, even if it’s drastic – a big part of it is to strip away a bunch of potential problems for those 30 days, then reintroduce them one by one and see how you feel.

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