Hello 2015



I could not have asked for a better way to ring in the New Year. Seriously. Rain was predicted all night and snow in the mountains and my soul yearned for that snow. But they close the road into the mountain when it starts snowing and that happened well before I got off work so.

Then around 11pm someone checked the weather and it was snowing just south of us. 11:20pm, it was snowing just north of us. Our rain was heavy, but not snow.

11:30pm – it was snowing.

That is such an incredibly rare event to begin with here I can’t even start, especially this early in the season. I don’t normally do signs, but this felt like the universe finally reaching back to me, gently patting me on the shoulder, and saying I hear you.



Happy New Year. ❤



Filed under ardent wishes, happy things

2 responses to “Hello 2015

  1. I think that snow was meant for us here in indiana! It’s concerningly warm and sunny here…

  2. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!!

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