Happy Winter Solstice!



Tonight Last night was the longest night of the year, followed by a succession of days that are infinitesimally, but gradually, longer. Living in the desert we don’t feel this change as much as, say, Minnesota does, but I am still celebrating the turn-around. It’s been much colder in the mornings and dry enough to put a little pot of water filled with spices and orange rinds and let it boil boil boil.

My wife and I opened a handful of gifts in the morning, then made some tea and went for a long, chilly walk. We talked about everything, but mostly about what we were looking forward to in the next few days and new year. We’ve had a long of sad and negativity in our lives and there are a lot of scary things coming up – Lady having to find a postdoc while finishing her PhD, trying for a gayby again, querying again, not knowing where we will be a year from now, but knowing we’ll have to leave all our friends (again) because it won’t be here.

Those are all Big Scary Things, and aside from doing our best, there’s just not much we can do. So we decided to talk about all the things we’re looking forward to in the coming days and new year instead.

Like working only one day (today) this week. Like seeing family we haven’t seen in a while. Like the lengthening days and the chill crisp air. Like fuzzy chickens, good books, and creating new traditions. New Year’s Eve and friends. A new start. The excitement of fresh beginnings. Having a friend visit in January. Our 9th anniversary. A friend’s 30th birthday in February. Candlemas. Bird dates. Another friend visiting in March. Finishing this damn book. The Festival of Books! Pi day. The beginning of spring –

Turns out, there are a whole lot more things to look forward to next year than there are to be afraid of.

Let’s just not think about how big the scary things are.




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3 responses to “Happy Winter Solstice!

  1. You’re right about Minnesota, I’m totally like “We NeED MoRE DAyLIGHT oR ELsE!” Seriously though, the sun rises and sets while I’m suck in my office.

    I think 2015 will be a great year!

  2. I love the winter solstice because I love the idea that the days are getting longer and we will have more sunlight! And, I love your idea of looking at the less-scary, happy things coming up in the short term. 🙂

  3. Happy Holidays! It’s so great that you guys decided to focus on the good things and talk about those. I’m trying to do the same. You’re right, there’s always so much more to be happy about and look forward to. Plus, even with the scary things, you’ve always got each other to rely on and go through it together. Hope you’ll have a great new year! 🙂

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