Our Tree is Up!


We fixed some of the twinkle lights around the top of the apartment and put up the tree this morning. Because a coworker also brought in some oranges from their tree last week, we stuck cloves in them and made pomanders. That pumpkin is hanging out until we can cook it, but it’s totally seasonally appropriate.

After our first Christmas with cats, we quickly realized even a fake tree wasn’t going to be cat-proof. So last year I took inspiration from pinterest and tried a wall-based string of lights tree. Cats didn’t even try to play with it and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed its simplicity.

I’m starting to feel a little bit more holiday spirit just having proper decorations up.



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3 responses to “Our Tree is Up!

  1. I love your string of lights tree!

  2. I love this idea, how creative and cute!

  3. This is my idea of a Christmas tree! Nice and simple, and no glitter all over the floor. Plus, my cat loves lying in the branches of our tree and then randomly attacking us when we pass by!

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