Wanted: Holiday Spirit

I know I dug my heels in more than usual this November, insisting on a proper autumn, but now I can’t seem to pick my heels up. I don’t know what it is – usually I enjoy winter and all the Christmas stuff, the lights and the songs and the snowflakes plastering so many surfaces that have never actually seen a snowflake. A front blew through this week, bringing clouds and rain and a sinking chill and I thought that would be enough but…

Our office really gets into Christmas hardcore, complete with an entire day dedicated to decorations and not one, not two, but at least three Christmas parties. They don’t even pretend that it’s “holiday” – most are hardcore Catholic and I recently learned that more than a few don’t know a single Jewish person. That isn’t to judge or condemn them, but to give an idea of just how very Christmas it can get. I’m atheist but raised protestant and totally still celebrate, at least secularly.

That’s all to say that usually it’s fine. But today they got out all the boxes and hung up all the lights and garlands and put on Christmas music and I tried – I really tried – to get into the spirit, but all I could do was sit on the floor tying knots and feeling increasingly dispirited and sad. I got called grinch a few times, then felt dizzy and went home.

But I want to be all happy that winter is coming and the sun is returning and soon there will be family and cookies and twinkle lights – I just can’t. Any suggestions? Any tried and true ways to put holiday spirit into a grinch – that doesn’t involve sneaking into houses and stealing their trees?



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2 responses to “Wanted: Holiday Spirit

  1. I was feeling a bit like this and then I went to a Christmas event and I felt better. Hearing some carols might help. Or doing some sort of holiday charity work.

  2. My last negative pregnancy test has kind of turned me into a Grinch this year, lol, I completely understand the lack of holiday spirit.

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