It’s December, So It’s Time to Start Reminiscing

The year is winding down and the end is fast approaching and I find myself, as always, somewhat startled. How did this happen? Only a year ago we were reading up on TTC and getting excited. Only a year ago I started temping. Only a year ago I was still eating eggs and lathering everything in hot sauce. Only a year ago I was preparing to cut everything out for the Autoimmune Protocol. Only a year ago I was still working on the query for Mili Anrek. Only a year ago I had finally made the determination that to become a writer, I had to act like a writer. Only a year ago and the future was so fuzzily hopeful.

It’s still fuzzily hopeful, but the fuzziness has shifted and changed. Past me was convinced we’d have some form of a kid by this time – now, I’m hopeful that by next December we might, but the conviction is gone. Past me had a vague plan for rewrites and querying, but now I have a definite one. Past me wasn’t sure if we’d be moving by summer of winter of 2015, but now I know I only have to work at this job until next December. Past me wasn’t confident I could work out without Crossfit, but over the last year I’ve well proven that I can. Past me thought I might have a problem with nightshades, but in no way shape or form could have fathomed giving up eggs as well.

Now my fuzzy hopefulness is for where we will be and what we will be doing. I know I’ll be writing. I know Lady will be science-ing. But the state we move to next – even the country! – is up for grabs. I’m hoping I will have some sort of contract or agent by the end of next year – I have one book I’m currently querying (Ginger Witch) and a second that will be ready to query by next summer (Sand Wastes). But, like TTC, that is largely up to chance. I’ll do what I can on my end, but it’ll happen when it happens (if at all).

But aside from reminiscing, the end of the year means it is time for me to look back over the books I’ve read and do a big ol’ post sharing my favorites. That’ll be coming up soon! Watch out!

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  1. Yeah, last year we were getting up to start trying in February assuming for a November baby. Now I’ll just be happy if we get a 2015 baby.

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