Happy Thanksgiving!


We had a lovely time with part of Lady’s family over the long weekend. This is the first time we’ve actually spent Thanksgiving with family on Thanksgiving (as adults), even though we’ve lived within driving distance of her mom for the better part of five years. Between work and… well, work, it just didn’t happen.

Despite super tiny kitchens and running back and forth between two houses, it was super chill. We had turkey and cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes and napped beforehand. Then we sat around and got caught up like is proper.

I woke up Wednesday with a sore throat which developed into a sniffling, sneezing, sleepy cold by Friday, so most of the weekend was a daze for me.

I mostly remember us complaining about how cold we were (it was 50!) to Lady’s sister on Skype, who then turned the computer around to show the foot of snow they had. We were not properly chastised, but we did laugh at ourselves.

But here, enough about the freezing 50’s we had to endure. Have some photos.




I’m not sure I’m ready for December yet, but I have made a promise to stop hissing every time Christmas music comes on. It’s a start?

(And I’m also totally not 5k behind on word count. Nope. Not at all. Look away folks, nothing to see here.)


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  1. I’m not ready for December either.

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