Halfway Through the Break

Two months into our four month TTC break and I am definitely glad we took this break. Granted, we would have taken it anyway due to timing, but I needed the mental time off as well. Your brain is just constantly on while actively TTC, searching for any clues or hints as to what your body is up to. Looking back, I feel more like those months were our Intro To TTC crash-course and we can only do better moving forward.

Appropriately, I’m writing this on CD1. It’s a good time for new beginnings, for clearing out the old and getting ready for the new. I wrote before about all the playing I did with diet and exercise and now it is time to stop. Time to put down the cider donuts and stop intermittent fasting and tweaking and not-so-tweaking diet and instead focus on stress relief, rest, frequent but slow exercise, and a non-calorically restricted diet.

There are some good habits that I developed doing AIP that I need to get back into, namely daily broth and greens. Class helped me slip out of those two habits, actually, as it interrupted my daily schedule, forced me to commute to a place without an available fridge or even a microwave (the horror!), and threw no small degree of chaos into my life. While the change was good at the time – it helped in playing with the keto diets – it also reinforced the benefits of my normal routine.

So diet-wise, I’m going to go with what I know works: lots of greens, lots of tasty broth, some organ meat here and there, more vegetables, more fat, and avoid grains as much as possible. Like when I first did the AIP, instead of focusing on things I shouldn’t eat – like cookies and sugar and cake and sugar and bread and sugar – I’m going to first fill up on all the good things and try to avoid a mentality of deprivation. This has worked really well for me in the past.

I’m also going to slowly (or maybe quickly – we’ll see) cut back on coffee. For the keto diets, I reintroduced my daily coffee as a way to get more fat (omg butter coffee is amazing, by the way), but if I’m not intermittent fasting, I don’t need that anymore. To be honest, I missed my morning tea ritual. There’s something a whole lot slower and calming about tea – I can savor a pot of earl grey for an hour while a cup of butter coffee is gone within minutes.

Related to that is I really need to work on incorporating stress relief techniques into my life – well before we start again. So. I looked up yoga classes near work. Ugh. And I found a free one to try. So I’m going to do it. I’m going to swallow my prejudice against yoga and just try again. I promise I’ve tried before, several times, but I think if I go into this treating it as a relaxation technique instead of anything else, I might have more success this time.

Beyond that and diet, I’m still trying to come up with other things I can work on in the next two months. Are there any stress relief techniques that were beneficial to you?


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  1. Yoga works for me! But it varies enormously. So important to find a style & teacher that you dig. Hot power flow with music is what I love! But at the opposite end of the spectrum, I also love a nice long dark yin class in the evening…

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