Still Alive & Happy Day 20

Class ate my brain last week in more ways than I expected. I was up at crazy hours doing homework and working on presentations and then we thought we’d be road-tripping it up this weekend and that fell through so we went for a long day hike yesterday instead and in conclusion this is the first time I’ve really had more than a few minutes at the computer.

So I’m behind on a) writing, b) blogging, c) happy days, d) life, and e) reading other blogs. Thankfully, even though the road trip fell through, I decided to still keep this four-day weekend that I made for myself (yay Veteran’s Day!), so hopefully I can get caught up. ❤

Day 20


Our trip would have included lots of hiking, so we both unanimously decided we needed to hike anyway. Instead of driving across the state, we’d just hike trails we’ve been meaning to hike for a while. Like the Tanque Verde Ridge trail, which is this gorgeous trail that runs along the top of the Rincon Mountains. The whole thing is 13 miles, round-trip, and we ended up doing close to half that. I think we hiked 7 or 8 miles instead. It was chilly at first, but as soon as the sun hit us, off came the jackets and hats (and shirts). Because it’s basically climbing straight up the side of a mountain, not only do you get great views every time you stop for a breath (which is often), you also get to see the flora change drastically, from lowland desert scrub to a higher grassland scrub, and eventually – if we’d made it that far – to actual trees. We stopped in the grassland area, though, but someday I want to hike the whole thing. We just weren’t quite prepared for a full day out.


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