Happy Days Project – Days 13 & 14

Day 13


Happy November! Our week had been a little on the hectic side, so I decided I wanted a slow morning. This looked like a long, lovely sunrise walk, then an hour writing, and finally an hour (or two, I was purposefully not keeping track) of sitting on the couch with the windows open, sometimes wrapped in our boo blanket, sometimes not, sipping broth and reading a good book.

I finally leveled up my broth by doing the obvious and adding onion & carrots & celery during the last hour and omg it is so delicious. I was drinking the stuff out of duty before but now it’s just absolutely divine. Then I read about a place called Brothl (which is unfortunately not here) and have been taking broth inspiration from their menu. A little seaweed is delicious. I’m working up to chicken feet. o.o

And then, as if all that wasn’t lovely enough, a cat came and sat on my lap, purring, for a good while.


Day 14


Sunday is cooking day in our household, and it also means grocery-getting. I have developed an appreciation for the American food system, even while I also know it’s highly destructive and unsustainable. But after living in Russia for a few months and seeing the severely anemic state of their vegetables, I can’t help but fall in love with those gorgeous displays of greens and broccoli and beets and parsley here.

It’s also the potential at the beginning of the week, looking at what we got and thinking about the delicious things we can make. By Wednesday I’m always tired of whatever we have / made, but Sunday is still a little magical.

That’s all to say that I’m grateful that a) we can find such lovely greens (and our garden is finally producing some, too), b) we are fortunate enough to afford such lovely greens (I recognize this is for many people a luxury and I hope someday that won’t be the case), and c) we have the time to actually do something with them.


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