Nightshades, Nightshades Everywhere

… with not a single one to share.

(Warning: Severe overdramatics ahead.)

I have been so good about avoiding nightshades for the last sixty + days. So good. I check every label now, even mustards and olives. I look and I scour and I remember and I avoid. And my skin has been thanking me for it.



*breathes through nose*

I just. Why should I check swiss cheese? It’s harmless! Then again, why should I check the shredded variety? I know they add cellulose as a coating, but that’s it. That’s all. OR AT LEAST IT SHOULD BE.

Then I remembered something someone mentioned about added carbs from cellulose-covered shredded cheeses (back when I was caring more about my carb count) so I glanced at the label out of curiosity and there – there – of all things, was listed potato starch.

A nightshade.

On my shredded cheese.

Well. Fuck.

At least my sensitivity isn’t going to kill me, but geez. I guess I get another opportunity to see just how sensitive I am to this stuff. Yay.

(/end overreactive dramatics)


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