Happy Days Project – Days 5 & 6


I knew that Friday night we’d be making s’mores in the oven and hosting a Piranha-watching party with a few friends, so I waited and waited and waited to take my happy photo and was not disappointed. Just late. 😛

Thursday was Lady’s birthday but we’re celebrating all weekend because what kind of day for a birthday is Thursday? Seriously. She decided she wanted s’mores instead of cake or pie this year, and then we thought it’d be fun to have a surprise!movie to watch with some friends who were up for a late Friday night. So I made gluten free graham crackers and honey-vanilla marshmallows earlier in the week. Since we are fireplace-less, we threw the marshmallows into a cast-iron pan with a huge hunk of chocolate and “roasted” it. It should have turned out amazing, but I think we may have roasted it too long, and instead the marshmallows disintegrated and mixed with the chocolate and became a goopy, sticky mess that soon solidified again into chocolate/marshmallow gummitude.

Although the food was an absolute mess, it was still fun. Lady picked the 90’s version of Piranha, which was terrible in the way only cheap sci-fi movies can be.



Saturday I was in a funk most of the day, either because I was feeling super gross from the sugar-overload from the night before (a word to the wise: don’t binge on sugar when you’ve been very low carb for the last month), or because I had a creeping sense of urgency to get as much done this weekend as possible. I was also behind in my wordcount for my WIP and the kitchen needed cleaning and the a/c is leaking and did I mention how gross and bloated I felt from all that sugar?

I looked for happy moments throughout the day, but it wasn’t until after Lady and I had seen the chickens and settled into a table at the local bookstore to look at books on France and Switzerland that some of the gross started to go away. Finally, I got excited about our June trip and about learning French and about all the cheese and chocolate and wine and wildflowers and mountains and Roman amphitheaters and city biking and hostel staying and did I mention cheese?

It didn’t take any convincing to stop and get some tasty cheese and bread and wine on the way home – even though we had both pledged earlier never to carb again. When we got home, I rode that feeling I’d had in the bookstore and studied French (using the worksheets my friend has been sending me as well as the exercises on Duolingo) with my cheese and wine. I really feel like I’m making progress with my French, albeit slowly.



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3 responses to “Happy Days Project – Days 5 & 6

  1. Those graham crackers look great! Is there a recipe you can share?

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