Happy Days Project – Day 1

I’ve seen people on Facebook and Tumblr and WordPress listing something they’re happy about / grateful for on a daily basis and I thought that’s cool. Then I saw some using photos, and I realized I had to do this. Partially because this is a good time for finding happy moments, partially because I need the reminder for gratitude, but mostly because I want a reason to get out my camera and mess around with it more every day. Ever since I got the sensor cleaned I’ve been using it more and more, but I need something that will (hopefully) get me to stop longer and stretch myself.

What I didn’t realize is that the Happy Days project is actually a thing: 100 Happy Days. It’s fairly straight forward and not much more than what I already described: take 100 days and find something that makes you happy each and every one of those days.

Well, I’m cheating a little. 100 feels too daunting, so I’m just going until the end of the year, which is closer to 70 days. For me, it’s a way to close out this year – for which I am so anxious to be done with – while remaining in the present and, hopefully, remembering each moment is important.

Today is day one. I’m starting first thing in the morning because a) I love mornings, b) I thought I might try working my way through the day, but really c) I have class all day (and all this week [so I’ll be unusually quiet again]).

My boo mug is one of my (many) favorite things about autumn. It makes me so, so happy when I first get it out on October first and use it all through Halloween, and usually a few weeks beyond. I’ve had it since we lived in Florida, which, for those keeping track, is years. Many of them.

But this isn’t just about the mug – it’s also the coffee inside and the cool autumn morning and the quiet and peace and moments I have to myself very first thing. I’m grateful to have such things right when I wake up, and I recognize that I am very lucky to have them.

But especially the coffee.




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6 responses to “Happy Days Project – Day 1

  1. Hit beverages on cool autumn mornings are one of the joys in life. 🙂 I may join you in this happy project of it’s okay with you.

  2. I love mornings, too! And coffee…

  3. Your Boo mug is adorable! So looking forward to your 100 happy days.

  4. Isn’t it funny how we get attached to things like mugs? Catch has a mustache mug that she worships.

  5. It’s morning here as I read this and I have my one caffeine hit of the day waiting in front of me…

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