Legal in Arizona!

Now THIS I did not expect!

A federal judge this morning voided Arizona’s prohibition against gay marriage, paving the way for same sex weddings — immediately.

From here.

And of course, I’ve learned over the last dozen years or so to always keep an eye out for a stay, BUT:

More immediately significant, Sedwick denied a request by the state that he delay the effect of his order to allow for an appeal.

No stay! So cool! Right now it looks like our county will begin issuing licenses on Monday. I’m just – I can’t even begin to describe how exciting this is. The fact that AZ has had a constitutional ban was one of the major reasons why I wanted to leave this state. Now that they don’t – well, we still have to leave, but maybe we’ll come back someday.

Still, this means that if we get pregnant in AZ, the state will recognize that we were married at the time. And it means I don’t have to remember to mark “single” for state things. And it means this state is just one step closer to being pretty awesome. And it means everyone gets some fucking equality here. And it means… I’m just going to go over here and have all the feels.




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  1. In my state, if you use reproductive technology, the spouse is considered to be the natural 2nd parent.

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