A Little Rejection First Thing in the Morning

I mentioned (months ago) that I’d received a manuscript request on one of my queries. I sent it off and tried to forget about it for the next few months, but that’s nigh impossible. I was giddy initially – this was my first request! a milestone! – and then resigned. I knew I’d hear back, eventually, but I also knew it wouldn’t be an offer.

Alas, I was right. But the rejection was still very positive and left me with a lot to think about. This turned into a first in many ways: my first manuscript request, my first manuscript rejection, and my first actual agent comments, telling me both what they liked and why they ended up passing. And like when I received my very first rejection to a query letter, over a year ago, it stings in a lingering, uncomfortable way because they’re right.

So now I’m going to let that roll around in the back of my mind, try to write out my feelings to help let it go, but eventually just sit down and keep writing. Someday (soon!) I hope to get my second manuscript request, followed by my second manuscript rejection, and so on and on, until it escalates to the next level – editor rejections. These are my hopes, small they may be.



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2 responses to “A Little Rejection First Thing in the Morning

  1. A lot of authors get rejected a lot before they get published. You just have to find the right publisher.

  2. I went through this last year. Just had my second full request. It’s a constant up and down, isn’t it?

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