Two Years

Sunday marked two years since we got married. Two years since we rounded up our friends and family and lugged them all the way out to Minnesota for a fall wedding and contra dance party. Two years since someone said upon disagreeing about a decoration or a time or what have you, in that tone, “well, it’s your wedding.”

Damn right it was. And it was (almost, 99%) perfect. Two years later, I don’t even remember what the last 1% was. So now it’s just 100% perfect.

It didn’t change much. We’d been together for seven years when we finally got married. We’d been living together for five. We had two cats and a shared bank account.

Yet it changed a lot. How we present ourselves to the world. How our families perceive us. Calling Lady my wife is just right in so many ways that girlfriend, spouse, or partner never were.

This is our first anniversary, though, where we are also quite legally married. And, just as I had hoped and suspected, it doesn’t feel any more genuine than last year. Legal marriage is nice and all, and sometimes I feel a twinge of annoyance that if we’d just waited a year, we could have had a fully legal ceremony in MN, but what really mattered was the public commitment, and having all our close friends and family there. I learned a lot about both groups then – that our friends are amazing, loving people, and that (most of) our family is the same. I also, unfortunately, learned some things about the rest of my family that I had long suspected. But that’s for the best – I no longer waste my time and energy on them.

We celebrated like only we can celebrate, by going to JoAnn’s, looking at fabric, having hard cider, and then going to the mall to sniff candles. We slept in and went for a bike ride, we pet cats and dug up grubs for our chickens. We cleaned the fridge and washed lettuce, baked cookies and made granola. We watched the new Sailor Moon with a friend, went to the farmer’s market, and caught the bats as they swarmed out from beneath the Campbell bridge.

It was, all in all, a very normal weekend. But all the more special because I have her. ❤

Photos by the delightful and highly-recommended KNG Sommers.



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11 responses to “Two Years

  1. Adorable, very lovely photos! Happy anniversary! 🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary! Also, I just spent like 5 minutes looking at the picture trying to see if I could tell which lake is in the background. Given the pictures of the reception in a barn-type structure, I’m guessing it’s not a lake I’d know. 🙂

    • According to google maps, it’s Whaletail Lake, over in Minnetrista. The barn was part of Gale Woods farm, which is this absolutely adorable place with goats and sheep and chickens and cows open to the public.

  3. Happy Anniversary to the two of you! Your normal day sounds pretty amazing. Love your dresses!

    • If we’re getting into the MN convo. Most of my fam is either in Norway or MN. My Norway fam is all very supportive… my MN fam has those that are more iffy.

      • It’s her family that lives in MN, and they’ve all been wonderful. Part of my family is a little more… iffy. They’re almost all military, and hyper conservative, so I wasn’t surprised.

      • My MN is very conservative as well.. Catholic. Church every Sunday. Glad you have a bunch of supportive family and friends!

  4. I love the photo of you both with the barn in the background!

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