Yearning for Autumn

Summer might be the season in which I feel the most at home, but I love autumn.

Which can be a problem, considering we currently live in the desert. Not much autumn happening here. Not much in the way of bright, leafy colors. And it’s usually in the 80’s well through November.

But this morning it was just shy of 70 and the bike ride to work was cool and quiet and the sun is coming up just a little bit later, so that it’s only just hitting the tree line. The light is getting warmer, slower, and something smelled like apples. Autumn doesn’t officially start for another week and a half, but I’m impatient. I can smell it on the air and I want it now.

I want the evening bonfires, I want the hot spiced cider, I want the bourbon-spiked hard cider, I want the open windows, I want the pumpkin patches, I want the crisp morning scent, I want to wear BPAL’s Samhain every single day, I want to make apple pie, I want to fold pumpkin puree into everything, I want baked acorn squash, I want brussel sprouts and cranberries, I want brisk – even chilly – sunsets, I want that warm autumn light everywhere.

In the meantime, I’m going to start getting out and organizing the autumn decorations and haunting pinterest, drooling over everything autumn.

What’s your favorite part about autumn?




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22 responses to “Yearning for Autumn

  1. Autumn certainly has the best food of all the seasons. 🙂 Spring is my favorite overall season.

  2. Omg, I am right there with you. The leaves are starting to fall, but it’s still 100 degrees and I am desperate for cooler weather and darker evenings.

    • Ugh, yes. We had some 100’s last week before the torrential rain (!), but it’s still in the upper 90’s. A few of the trees around the university are mighty confused and already shedding leaves.

  3. I was just about to write a “Mourning Autumn” post, because I love it so much, and we don’t really get any autumn down here. I also have pumpkin spice envy. My favorite part (when I get autumn) is the cool crisp air that has the brightness of summer days, but is chilly enough to require a flannel.

    • Yeah, we really don’t. It’s one thing I reeeeaaally miss about when we lived in Seattle. They had a proper autumn. Granted, it was also followed by a proper winter, which I’m not so keen on. 🙂
      Thankfully, we at least can see the ghost of autumn if we climb our nearby mountains and there are apple orchards within a few hours of driving.

  4. I’m in the same boat. Autumn is my favorite time of year and you nailed all the things I love about it too. The trees changing colors and the rain is my favorite.

  5. I get to experience autumn on the East Coast for the first time this year – I am looking forward to the crispness in the air and the gradual change in the amount of sunlight offered up each day. This might sound silly – but after 3 years living in a warm climate – I am excited about bundling up in blankets and sweaters. 🙂

    • You’re near where my parents live and if autumn is anything like it is there, it will be amazing. There are so many maples and so much color, and you have proper roadside farmer’s stands with lots and lots of local produce. So good. If you can, head inland towards the Appalachian mountains and the Shenandoah valley – I got to see that area last year in autumn and it was breathtaking.

  6. I’m with decaf. I love the harvest but spring is my season. I live in the great white North and winters here are pretty harsh. In Jan – Feb, you do not want to leave your house. In April, you’re lucky if there hasn’t been any snow. In May, you’re lucky if you can officially break out the flip flops, shorts, tanks (for me) and wife beaters (for my butchy better half). Summers here are short and intense, and fall just reminds me what’s around the corner. Hell, in Calgary Alberta, my colleagues have already had snow! In the first freaking week of September! :s

  7. I am looking forward to taking my little girl to pick apples and pumpkins for her first time. Then Mmmm homemade delicious, fattening goodness!

  8. We’ve had a month of rain down here (wettest in 16 years) and now the sun is finally out. The daffodils are springing up and the freesias are selling at the flower stalls… Spring has sprung!

    • Us too! We’ve had more rain this past month than any time since we moved here, and supposedly it’s been the third wettest monsoon season on record. Weirdly, we actually get a second spring out of it, as the cacti & mesquite trees will be blooming again shortly.
      Enjoy your spring ❤

  9. The red and yellow leaves are my favorite thing, and apples are a close second. I’ve gone apple-picking to celebrate my birthday almost every year since elementary school. I love the smells, too — the smell of crunchy leaves, the smell of apple cider, the first day when you can smell snow on the air. Mmmmm!!

    • I’ve been using my wife’s birthday as an excuse to go apple picking every year since we’ve moved here. She doesn’t seem to mind (or have noticed??). That’s the best birthday tradition. It just smell sooo good.

  10. I love autumn so much! We are borderline wintery here in Montana the last couple days. It’s supposed to snow today. I really love watching the leaves change and all the apples!

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