A Last Note on TTC (for the time being)

Even though I had officially closed the door on this cycle a few weeks ago, hid the OPK’s in the back of the bathroom cabinet, and stopped paying attention to every little twinge, I was still – occasionally – temping. I really like the head’s up temping gives me as to when to expect the unpleasant bleeding. Plus, my theory was that this had turned into an anovulatory cycle and I wanted to confirm that.

I’m glad I kept temping, because it finally went up. I’d begun to worry like nobody’s business, googling reasons why I might not have ovulated, etc, and of course self-diagnosing with everything under the sun. It got so bad that Lady eventually asked me if I wanted to see a doctor to just verify everything was okay. That helped me realize I was being crazy, because seriously, what would a doctor do? Besides, I have documented here just how freaking stressed out I was early to mid-August.

But nope, thankfully my temp finally jumped and a whole lot of tension I hadn’t realized I was still holding just – vanished. I can count the days now until the end of this cycle and then I can actually let it all go until January. Hopefully.

In the meantime I can try really hard not to think about babies and TTC and not to wish for the four months to just fly by. I have a book to query and another to rewrite and those are just as Important. I have an autumn to enjoy and friends to see and Christmas to plan for (fuuuuck) and a life to live. So even though I’m sure my mind will still be filled with babies, this will be the last TTC post until January. Thank god?



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5 responses to “A Last Note on TTC (for the time being)

  1. I hope you are able to enjoy the break! (But I hope you will keep us updated on all of the other things you are doing πŸ™‚ )

  2. Damn you for bringing up Christmas. πŸ˜‰ I hope you get a whole lot of enjoyment out of the next several months! You deserve it!

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