TTC #5 | CD 24 & Running Out of Sticks

I have six OPK sticks left. I know I said we would call it quits by tomorrow, but I figured I might as well use the rest of these up. A little bit of hope has returned at the least optimal time and I keep thinking maybe tomorrow.

But when the sticks run out, that’ll be it. I can already tell it’s going to be difficult to actually stop and take a break without ovulating, because we could just be one day out. Since I started temping, I’ve never not ovulated, so this is also weirding me out in a “oh god what’s wrong with me” kind of way. But not terribly much, since I can probably blame this cycle’s fucked-upness on the depression.

Still, considering one of my ongoing fears is that my cycle will suddenly get messed up: *waves tiny flags*

I guess we didn’t have to worry about our donor being out of town this month, after all.



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5 responses to “TTC #5 | CD 24 & Running Out of Sticks

  1. Are they getting darker at all? Any sign you might be close? With PCOS, I’ve had a few 45-ish day cycles and they have made me bonkers. The one up side to IVF is that I don’t have to pee on OPKs!

  2. AndiePants

    I had a crazy 60 day cycle our first attempt TTC. Not sure what it was about, but I did eventually ovulate. Something to keep in mind, however, is that egg and uterine lining quality decreases later in the cycle. So, depending on how you feel, it might be better to skip things if it gets very late in the game, just in terms of chances. Hope you get some resolution. Waiting on OPKs is the worst!

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