Plans for August

My July goals were mostly to stay sane and write 50k in my new WIP. I think I (somewhat) achieved those goals. I hit that 50k goal yesterday, despite days of low word counts due to a) feeling like shit and b) feeling like shit. As to staying sane… well. I did a pretty good job for the first half of July. That counts, right?

I think “staying sane” may have been a bit too much to ask for what with our friend leaving and the pain of another negative and cramming in as much writing as possible every day. Although writing is itself an outlet for me, too much can be stressful, and I didn’t leave myself much wiggle room during this month.

But, by getting so many words done so quickly, now I don’t have as much to do to reach my very hopeful finish date of September 1st for this draft zero. I’m a little past two thirds of the way through with plot, so I should only have another 30k, 40k max, before I reach the ending and can tie everything neatly with a big bow. This means I’ll be a wee bit shy of my projected 90-100k final wordcount, but that’s okay. I already know where I’ll be layering in the details and filling out chapters in the next round. It’s both frustrating and fun to know you’ll be changing something almost as soon as you’ve written it, but I’d never have known what to fix without writing it in the first place.

So! 30k for August! That’s just shy of 1k a day. Easy peasy, and totally what I usually aim for when not starting a new work. I’m looking forward to having this story done and in a drawer so I can throw myself into more research. I’ve been reading so much about the Sahara and its cultures and I can’t get enough of it. It’s just so crazy fascinating.

Other plans for August? Mostly taking it easy. Connecting with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Finally playing a few tunes on my ukulele. Developing and using new relaxation and de-stressing techniques so our next BFN doesn’t hit us as hard. And, most importantly, making cakes and getting ready to turn a year older.

There are five weekends in August this year and I am to use every last one of them to make a cake. This weekend I’m going to pull out the winner from last year’s cake month, gluten-free Almond Cake. In lieu of chicken eggs, though, I think I’m going to use guinea hen eggs – that is, if I don’t develop any rashes from the guinea hen eggs I had earlier this week in the next few days. So far they seem like a winner.

And my very last plan for August: figure out what the hell to do for my birthday! I am a very lucky gal and get a three-day weekend almost every year. This year will be the last three-day weekend that actually falls around my birthday for a few years, so I need to celebrate it in style. But I don’t know what to do! I like lowkey things with friends – last year I watched the sun rise and set with them – but I’m at a loss this year. I also like outdoorsy things and we would totally rent a cabin up on the mountain if it weren’t frustratingly expensive.

Oh well, I’ve got the month.



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6 responses to “Plans for August

  1. I am so impressed that you are a writer. I have known you are a writer for while but it just kind of hit me as to how overwhelmed I would feel trying to write anything beyond this blog. I always wanted to write a book and that last for 5 seconds while I contemplate the logistics of coming up with something plausible and not drivel. So impressed! 🙂

    • *my blog – you knew what I meant, right? 🙂

      • Hah! I did. I think it works for me because I can’t not write. So I forcibly carve out time for writing, which means sometimes all I do is day-job and write, but, well. I’m a little worried about how much this will change if (when!) we have a kid, but we’ll cross that bridge when we reach it. I’ve known writers who are moms, so I know it can work.

  2. A cake a week sounds wonderful! I may borrow that idea when it gets colder here.

  3. Fat Girl Dancing

    OH MAN, THAT ALMOND CAKE. It haunts my dreams.

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