TTC #5 | CD 3 & We’re Gonna Make This Work

… even if it kills us.

(Not really. That would defeat the point.)

Lady broke the bad news yesterday that our donor would be out of town smack dab in the middle of August, aka exactly when he needs to be in town. At first I despaired – we only have August and (maybe) September before we’ll be taking a break for four months. Then I bargained. Couldn’t our donor postpone his trip? I mean, my life revolves around this so his should too, right?

Ahh, but no, that’s unreasonable. And slightly ridiculous. It’s not the end of the world if we miss this cycle, I’m just being crazy. But it feels like the end of the world. Damn, this process really brings out the teenager in me.

Lady brought up the possibility of using a bank this cycle, probably more to calm me down than anything. But I grabbed hold and ran with it. Unfortunately, though, a bank is out of the question on such short notice. They all want a doctor’s authorization, which might be possible, but considering it usually takes two weeks just to get an appt these days – pretty much nope.

So obviously the next logical choice (in my head, at least) was to starve myself and pound the pavement for the next two weeks, hopefully pushing back ovulation to a more convenient time. Seeing as how this plan is both imprecise and crazy, I dropped it almost right away. But it’d work! Maybe! Or just screw me up for months to come.

Our actual plan kind of ties in with something we were going to make him do come September, anyway. There is a cyro lab in town that doesn’t provide donors, but will do analyses and freezing on what you bring in. So my clever plan is to get an analysis on his sperm while also getting a few vials frozen for while he’s gone. This would be highly convenient for us, since we wouldn’t have to coordinate with him like we usually do and could just call and pick up the sperm as needed.

I’m going to contact the lab today and try and get all our questions answered. BUT I feel like I’m missing something obvious and huge that is going to derail this new plan. So that’s where you guys with actual experience come in. Am I missing something? Or do you think freezing the stuff ahead of time to use while he’s gone actually makes sense? I have no idea! And Google isn’t exactly the most helpful these days.



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6 responses to “TTC #5 | CD 3 & We’re Gonna Make This Work

  1. It makes sense to me, but I know absolutely nothing about it. I hope you can make it work… I know how frustrating it is to have to skip a cycle!

  2. You can actually buy the freezer buffer yourself and freeze it at home. The buffer ships frozen to you, you thaw it, mix it up with the donation, keep it in your freezer (up to 10 years) and thaw to use when needed. I know how insane that sounds, but it might be worth the shot. Check www d-o-t mailsperm d-o-t com. I don’t work for them, and can’t provide any review or feedback, just letting you know it exists.

    • OMG, I’ve never heard of that. That might be even more perfect. The last thing I want is to involve more and more people in this, so if we can avoid that… Thank you!! I’ll look into it.

  3. makes sense to me.. but what do I know? The freezer buffer Caitlin mentioned sounds like a winner.

  4. I think this bank lets you buy without a doctor’s approval:

    Bonus points if you find our “Ginger Jesus”

  5. T

    I will say that the buffer mentioned is tricky. We used it for about a year with no luck. 😦 However, as DeCaf mentioned above, Northwest Cryobank is awesome. It’s quick to fill out paperwork. They don’t require a doctor’s approval, AND, they ship right to your door. They’re also what we call “discount sperm,” which means their donors might not yet have multiple PhDs, but they are still perfectly viable donors, and we got a really amazing child from one of them a few years back (and are using them again). I can’t recommend them enough. Really nice people too. Good luck!

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