Maybe Baby #4 | DPO 4 & Are We There Yet??

I feel like I should start making a list of all the things I impulsively google during the two week wait. I bet it would be hilarious, all listed together.

No symptom spotting thus far, which is good because any symptoms would be in my head. Knowing that helps a lot, actually. And knowing that HCG doesn’t get produced until DPO 9 and later also helps.

I’ve dropped my caffeine amount from one pot of black tea with two heaping teaspoons, one shot of coffee, and one mug of green tea to one heaping teaspoon tea and the occasional mug of green tea. I don’t think I was actually having too much caffeine, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to cut back a little more. Besides, some days I was having a full pot of black, one or two mugs of green, and a cup (or two) of light-roast coffee, which taken all together was probably too much.

I’d rather err on the safer side, even though I’m sure I was doing fine. I was also curious to see what would happen, and so far I actually feel more awake in the afternoon. Now that could be because I’m also consistently getting 8+ hours of sleep, but, well. We’ll see.

I need more and better audiobooks to help pass the time at work. If anyone has any suggestions for totally engrossing and/or fast-paced books, I would love you for them. I like fantasy most, but I’ll take anything at this point. The time at work is definitely the hardest part of the two week wait for me, because my current work is about 10% engaging and 90% filler, so I am easily distracted and constantly find myself turning to google and search for various and sundry or simply staring off into the half-distance, wondering if it worked this time.

Did it work?? Did it?? Argh.



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8 responses to “Maybe Baby #4 | DPO 4 & Are We There Yet??

  1. Have you listened to Ready Player One? I seriously love that book. Good narrator. It’s sort of dystopian mixed with a bit of fantasy and tech and lots of 80s pop culture. My wife, who is into none of the above, even loved it.

    I totally feel you on the waiting. I haven’t been googling much this time around, but it’s early still. I figure by Friday, I’ll be a basket case.

    • I have! It’s actually ranked at the tippy top of my favorite audiobooks because Wil Wheaton did such an amazing job narrating it. Him and whoever read Sanderson’s Warbreaker tie for my favorite readers. If Scalzi’s new book Lock In was available at our library I would have that in a heartbeat, but alas I think Wheaton is still recording the audiobook.
      My googling usually picks up dramatically in the second week and I’m a basket case by DPO 12. I’m trying to prepare for it but at the same time know there’s not much I can do.

  2. I’ve found the Harry Potter audio books to be charming to listen to, if only for the accents and silly voices.

    • I have on more than one occasion leaned towards grabbing those and giving them a listen. I’d been hesitant because I’ve already read the books oh, five+ times over each. But I think it’s time to finally cave.

  3. Fat Girl Dancing

    The Diviners, as soon as I’m done with it, which should be today!

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