Maybe Baby #4 | DPO -1

I actually had a mostly positive OPK test yesterday and this morning my temp dropped. After so many months of temping, I know it does that before rising again after ovulation. So it looks like our timing yesterday was good, although now I’m doubting that we can get another insem in before ov.

I’m kind of on the fence about the OPKs, now two cycles in using them. Although it’s nice to have a little bit more confirmation about what’s going on, I can apparently just listen to my instincts. I know they’re a helluva lot more useful for others who don’t have clear cycles, and I do appreciate the mild peace-of-mind they give me in the days leading up to ov, but I find myself questioning them more than trusting them. Also I don’t know if it’s just my batch or not – internet cheapies FTW – but they haven’t shown a true positive yet. I’ll use one today just for fun – and I have a lot – but even if it shows true positive for an LH surge today, that won’t make much sense. Unless my temp doesn’t rise tomorrow, but I am willing to bet cold, hard cash it will.

Anyway, still feeling confident about this cycle. Things were as unromantic and perfunctory as they could get this time, which made us both roll our eyes and say that of course it’ll work then. I’m willing to take just a chemical pregnancy – just tell me that we’re doing this right.


Edited 1:00pm to add: It is definitely positive today. Not expecting that. So I guess my temp dip is probably associated with the LH surge? I don’t know, but I’ve peed on my hand twice today and really hoping I never ever have to do that again.


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8 responses to “Maybe Baby #4 | DPO -1

  1. Fingers crossed for you! I always have trouble with the internet cheapie OPKs. It never feels like the positive is totally positive. The first response OPKs give me very clear positives, though.

  2. Hoping for good things for this cycle! Glad that you are still feeling confident 🙂

  3. I have had the same experience with the internet cheapie OPKs. They never look all the way positive. I tend to use them to look for a drastic change rather than a drastic positive – then I usually use a CB Digital to confirm (smilie face or no smilie face – very clear). Also my RE said she counts even a “subtle surge,” so it might just be that our bodies don’t produce as much LH as the test thinks they should (but everyone is different!) Fingers crossed 🙂

    • Oh I’m so glad to hear that. That gives me more confidence, esp since Google says they should be darker than the control to be + and I have never had that. Also thanks for sharing what your RE said.

  4. I began with the OPKs and now do temping/etc. I’ve been using OPKs to get in the ballpark and then temping to confirm when it happened after the fact. My cycles vary so much that EWCM isn’t a good marker for me to go by, I can get it on the day of ovulation or a few days before.

  5. I use the OPK’s for the ballpark, and temp to know what day it happened. The CBE advanced digital tells me that I’m ovulating (solid smiley) about 4 days before I ovulate. Helpful, but not really reliable.

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