TTC #4 | CD 14 & Getting Ready

I have a really good feeling about this cycle, although I’m not sure how much of that is just the general hope I still have during the first half. Still, we’re trying a few new things and I have hope that they will only increase our chances.

Thing number one: trying out this raspberry leaf tea. I have no idea what the packaging means it when it claims the tea “tones the uterus,” but other data suggests that it helps balance out hormones in general, which is never a bad idea. It’s another warm drink that keeps me away from caffeine, so it can’t hurt. And I get the image of a uterus lifting weights whenever I have some as a fun bonus.

Thing number two: more tries. The first cycle we were just kind of trying things out, so we only did one insem. The second cycle was a complete wash and the third had some complications with timing. This time we have no obstacles or excuses. So even if I don’t have a positive OPK by tomorrow, we’re still going to start then. And then just keep going, every other day, until temp rises. Considering I’m on CD 14 already and typically have a shorter cycle after a longer one, I don’t expect us to get more than two or three tries in.

Thing number three: being very distracted by writing. I didn’t really have this luxury before because I was knee-deep in edits, which are less than optimally exciting. But this time I am 25k into a new story and I’m using up all my brain power finagling plot points and developing characters. So instead of staring at the screen wondering whether I’m pregnant at work, I hope to be staring at the screen wondering if an undead dromedary can carry three people more than forty miles. One of these things leads to useless google searches while the other leads to imprecise calculations and carpal tunnel. The latter also, hopefully, leads to a quicker 2WW, if that can ever go quickly.

So here we are. Fourth cycle. Here’s hoping there are no nasty surprises or middle of the night nausea attacks.



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