Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction | Eggs Redux

I haven’t been blogging much about the autoimmune protocol partially because there’s not much left to report on and partially because my current diet is more normal paleo than AIP. That is, minus nightshades and eggs.

Before last week, the last time I’d had eggs was February. At the time, I tried just the yolks from our own chickens’ eggs, carefully rinsing each one and saving the whites for Lady. I had them plain for breakfast and tried them baked in a coconut cake. Each time they left me with indigestion, like I’d swallowed a brick instead of eggs. Within the week, my inexplicable skin rash had spread. It was a no go. But I held out hope.

One portion of the AIP protocol is to try, try again. Sometimes a food that caused a reaction after the initial 30-day phase will lessen in its severity months or years down the line. You just keep it out and eat a nutrient-dense diet and hope. So I knew I’d be trying eggs again.

I’d originally planned to wait until the rash went away entirely. Last week was supposed to be another jab at nightshades – specifically tomatoes. But I looked at all those eggs on our counter and I stared into the fridge at my dearth of breakfast options and said fuck it. I was going to try eggs again.

This time, however, would be different. This time I knew that the yolk alone could be problematic, so I wouldn’t bother separating out the whites. This time I would try to keep it as simple as possible and just have one egg. Just one. For three days. Three eggs total! That couldn’t hurt. Right?

At first: no. With the whole egg – and just one egg – I didn’t feel like I’d swallowed a brick. I felt fine, actually. No reaction at all. I began to get my hopes up.

You can already tell where this is going, can’t you?

And then. And then. A week later I was shaving my legs and I noticed a raised red dot. I ran my finger across it, felt the telltale roughness. On my shoulder when I removed my shirt the next day: another. The rashes on my wrist and torso were fading, but here were new inexplicable rashes. The first new ones in months.

Dismay. Disbelief.

Then frustration. Annoyance. Outright anger.

Finally, acceptance.

I am allergic to eggs, even soy-free, grain-free, corn-free, organic backyard chicken eggs. I could try duck eggs – might, someday – but right now they’re too expensive and difficult to find here.

I’ll try again in another six months, but I’m not really holding out hope.



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6 responses to “Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction | Eggs Redux

  1. That is so disappointing. 😦 Of all the things, it has to be eggs–especially considering you have them right in your back yard!

  2. Benni

    So sorry to hear that… On the other hand, perhaps this is the perfect excuse to start raising ducks! 😉 Are quail eggs another possibility? They’re also expensive, though. So tiny!

  3. DetoxMama

    Ugh. I feel your frustration. I’m sorry. I know the reading indicates it would be the egg white that is most problematic but did you try an egg white with no yolk. Counterintuitive but you never know. And beyond that, well I’m “liking” this post for the simple fact that the power of food (to hurt or heal) just continues to amaze me. So many ppl continue the daily assault on their bodies with zero clue. I know that was for me for 34 years – and for all I know I haven’t yet unmasked it all.

  4. I suspect I have the same problem, SoA. Not yet game to reintroduce them here. No eggs is limiting, so duck eggs are a definite alternative I reckon…

  5. I’m so sorry. 😦 Hopefully Tomatoes will go better for you.

  6. Fat Girl Dancing

    Oh noooo! 😦

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