Six Months Left!


I can’t believe this year is six months in already. We are halfway through a year with a number that still reeks of science fiction to me. Normally at this point I find myself flailing and hurriedly throwing together a plan to make the most of the next six months, to feel as if I have actually accomplished something with my year of time. Thankfully, this year I feel more or less on track. ThingsĀ are progressing as (mostly) intended, so instead of desperately trying to get things accomplished, I only need to revisit my schedule and readjust a few items.

But first, it’s more fun to look back at what I have accomplished. Since January, I have thoroughly queried one book, finished a final edit of another, handed said book off to my betas, and started a new book, all completely in line with my original plan for the year, if a month or two behind my – rather ambitious – schedule.

On top of that, we’ve been through the TTC wringer three times now and survived. I’ve found an online TTC community and begun sending out feelers for a similar writing community.

I did – am still somewhat doing – the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. I’ve narrowed my problems down to nightshades and eggs and am currently in the middle of another egg challenge. So far, it’s going better than my first egg reintroduction, but I’m holding out judgment for another week. But I have cleared up several skin issues and – hopefully – will never have to do this again.

Travel-wise… goodness. We’ve been to San Diego, Minnesota, Florida, and the Grand Canyon – all in less than six months! We got married, saw my brother get married, attended a memorial, and hiked our legs off. All I can say is: I’m really glad we’re staying put for the rest of the year! Since our time left in the desert is limited, I’d much rather spend our three day weekends hiking here and exploring than going off to far corners of the country to see family. Not that I don’t love seeing family – but sometimes I really dislike how scattered we are.

Now, how to spend the remaining six months?

On the writing front, I plan to be done with this first, unholy and wonderfully craptastic draft by October, preferably sooner. Then I will let it fester and ferment while I take a break from it and focus instead of GW, the work that’s currently out with betas. Hopefully they will have given me something to fix and I’ll spend a few weeks on that before heading into the darkness that is querying.

This will be my third round of querying and I have learned so much from my first two. I know now that I need to dedicate my full attention to the process and not do it half-heartedly. I’m hoping I will be rather distanced from GW at that point so once the rejections start rolling in, it won’t hurt as much. I’m also hoping that applying what I’ve learned from past querying times will help garner me a few more manuscript requests this time around.

The querying part of my year has a solid deadline of November, since I have to get my queries written and sent before NaNoWriMo finishes come December 1st. I will always wholeheartedly support NaNo, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its fair share of problems. One of those is the absolute deluge of queries once the writing month is over – queries for books that have been written in only 30 days, I might add – and, understandably, a ton of agents just take the whole month of December off. I’d like to get in before that cut-off, preferably, so as to avoid losing my momentum and having to wait until February.

Then December I will largely take off as well or spend it tinkering with the current WIP. But by the end of the year I plan to have finished the current WIP, come up with a plan for editing it, and thoroughly queried GW. That would set me up well for next year.

As for TTC, we have July, August, and September left to try. This is largely due to timing reasons. Since Lady will (hopefully) be graduating around this time next year, we plan to be in the midst of moving come August. I’d rather not be recently pregnant or very pregnant at the time, so we’re going to take a few months off after September. If we’re not pregnant by then, this will be both a good time to take a break as well as reassess and maybe get some tests done. I’m desperately hoping we don’t get to that point, but it’s best to have a plan in place.

Last but not least: onwards with my AIP experiment. It’s mostly over at this point – I’m eating paleo sans nightshades and eggs, but with dairy – but I still have to figure out the nightshades. My inexplicable skin rash has improved but not disappeared entirely, so it will likely be another six months of focused nutrition. I.E., daily bone broth, emphasis on organ meats, avoidance of too much sugar and starches, and as many greens as I can stomach. I would love to be rash free by the end of the year, but that is only partially in my control.

I certainly hope the next few months are a wee bit calmer than the last. Here’s to a good rest of the year.


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  1. That’s a good goal, to not be hugely pregnant during a move. Do you know where you’re going to move to?

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