TTC #4 | CD 1 & New Hope

I think that very last day of the wait before I get my period will always be the hardest. I seem to have a certain amount of hope stored up at the beginning of a cycle, and it sees me through until those last few days, where it slowly peters out, the little that remains festering and growing toxic. It’s a very unpleasant time and it just seems to be how I deal with that kind of uncertainty.

I’m not sure how to change that, except to plan some sort of activity for those last few days. Well. Maybe next time.

I think we did a lot of things right last time, but I’d still like to have a better plan for this attempt. Between the OPK’s and our mini-vacay/getting married, we only had one chance for insem. This time I definitely want to try more than once. I don’t know if that really makes much of a difference, but, well, can’t hurt.

I will also try to eat a bit more, preferably more fat, and not let sugary snacks sneak in as often as they had. Carbs are fine, but they have to be complex or whole foods, i.e.: more sweet potatoes and berries,  less almond cookies and gluten free s’mores. I will keep moving my body by biking twice a week to work and lifting twice a week and going for long walks. I will keep dairy to a minimum, since that seems to help me feel better, and try try try to get more liver in my diet. God, I hate beef liver, though, and chicken liver is so hard to come by.

I will also simply take care of myself. It’s time to dye my hair and get it cut and all next week my wife will be away at a conference, so I have already scheduled half my week with friends. After this sleep-depriving sickness, I am going to buckle down on getting enough sleep and make my bedtime non-negotiable. Say yes to all the sleep!

Hello fresh hope. It sure is good to see you.


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