Maybe Baby #3 | DPO 13 & Calling it: Nope

The test on DPO 12 was still very negative and later in the day I got crampy enough to warrant a heating pad, so I’m going to call it. If I don’t actually start by the end of the week then I’ll test again, but everything in me says no. I’m tired, crampy, and a bit depressed, and so very ready for a new cycle.

I’m also still getting over this cold, which hasn’t been helping. Last night I slept straight through for four hours, the most I’ve managed in over a week. It was wonderful, but I am still dragging along. At least the manic insomnia is abating, finally. That was incredibly frustrating – it would take so very long just to fall asleep, only to wake up an hour or two later to do it all over again. I have so much more sympathy for those with chronic insomnia now. As someone who typically falls asleep easily and for eight/nine hour stretches, I now understand how very good I have it.

I ran this morning. I probably shouldn’t have, because I am still so tired, but I don’t regret it. In twenty minutes I had the framework of a new story open up to me, complete with plot, characters, and a partially built world. It comes at a good time, because just the night before I was lamenting to a fellow writer friend that now that my draft was out to betas, I had no project to work on. Lo and behold, now I do.

Here’s hoping the excitement of a new story helps fill up the hole that this cycle left behind. We just keep going, right?


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One response to “Maybe Baby #3 | DPO 13 & Calling it: Nope

  1. Ugh, stress is the worst! I hope your period starts soon and you begin to feel better.

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