Maybe Baby #3 | DPO 10 & Sick as a Dog

I tested this morning at 3am (negative), because that’s when I woke up for the second time. I have never had this much trouble sleeping while sick. It’s not just the coughing and the sniffling and the having to sit upright to sleep, it’s also this weird manic energy that has suffused my brain and won’t let me simply shut off.

I finally went and acquired some z-quil, since diphenhydramine is generally considered safe while TTCing. I took that about five hours ago and finally managed to sleep most of the afternoon. But considering Nyquil usually conks me out good for 10 hours, I’m a bit impressed at my body’s ability to simply ignore this stuff. I’ve tried everything else – magnesium citrate, sleepy time tea, lavender oil, warm showers – but no dice. This is simply the most ridiculous cold I have ever had.

I’m unexpectedly bummed by the negative. I even had a dream during one of my (many) fitful naps that my period went ahead and showed up early. I think I was just super stoked yesterday, enough that I was convinced if I tested then I’d have a positive, so not having that today just… idk.

Now I’ve swung the opposite direction, which is silly because it’s only DPO 10 and the tests I’m using aren’t the most sensitive. Maybe it’s just my way of preparing for disappointment.



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2 responses to “Maybe Baby #3 | DPO 10 & Sick as a Dog

  1. shawnsorcade

    Weird crazy energy and waking up at the crack of dawn has always happened before my bfp’s!

  2. During my both of my twws, I had dreams where I got positive pregnancy tests.
    I hope shawnsorcade is right and you get a bfp. 🙂

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