TTC #3 | CD 21 & Possible LH Surge

I have been using OPK’s for well over a week now, ever since I received them in the mail on CD 10. I didn’t know what to expect from this cycle, so I started early with once a day, then moved to twice a day when I thought I was getting closer. The tests showed up with consistently faint lines until yesterday. Those were the darkest lines yet, although they still weren’t technically darker than the control and therefore positive.

Still, other signs were there and we are going out of town soon, so we decided to go ahead and call up our donor last night. I hoped and hoped and hoped that I would wake up with a raised temp, but instead it dropped. Which could be a good sign! I often have a dip before ov, so we’ll just have to see where it’s at tomorrow.

Now I’m left to fret and wait and calm myself. Either everything lined up right or I’ll end up ovulating midway through our trip and missing out on this cycle. If I don’t ovulate at all, we can try again when we get home. But there’s about three days in there where I’m crossing my fingers and hoping my body listens.

I really hope this one works. My feelings are all over the place: on the one hand, third time’s a charm. On the other, I have felt confident in the past only to have that dashed within 24 hours. It’s a waiting game, one where everything can change instantly. Really, I can only hope that this doesn’t screw up my cycle and body like it did the first time. That was really rough.

Meanwhile, all I can do is take care of myself. So here’s to another piece of coconut fudge and a ton of sleep tonight.

Edited to add: I also keep getting weird cramps the day after insem. Does that happen to anyone else?



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6 responses to “TTC #3 | CD 21 & Possible LH Surge

  1. The timing is the hardest part of all of this for me. SO. MUCH. ANXIETY. Take good care of yourself and tell your body you don’t care what it does. Then it can’t do the opposite. 😉

    • I knoooow. The only reliable indicator of ovulation is the temp rise, but by then it’s too late. It’s such a guessing game and even with a known donor we can call on at any time, it’s still stressful trying to guess right.
      That’s a good idea. But I’m not very good at convincing myself I don’t care.

  2. My first insem I cramped like crazy after. I wrote that off as nerves. OPKs are helpful for a range, with me they tend to be crazy light, get darker (some months they go back to being light and then get darker again). I don’t know what brand you’re using, but when I began ttc-ing I got a digital one that I’d use only to confirm a positive, and I feel it helped. It is crazy expensive though ($30).

    I hope the temp dip today is an ovulation dip.

  3. shawnsorcade

    Everytime I got cramps after. I think I had a weird reaction because my body wasn’t used to sperm

  4. Fat Girl Dancing

    I’ve frequently cramped after having sex, so it is a thing, but I don’t know why

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