Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction | Chocolate & Coffee (Redux)

The last time I tried chocolate, I got depressed, my skin became itchy, my rashes flared, and my gut got super unhappy. I wanted to blame everything but the chocolate, but considering it was the only new thing in my diet and life, it was difficult to remain in denial. So I put chocolate on the back burner to try again another day.

That day came (almost) two weeks ago, right before we TTC’ed for a second time. I thought it was an appropriate time to try again and for this second reintroduction, I heeded your warnings and stuck to just one bar of Alter Eco chocolate over the weekend. For a few days I felt fine. Then the whole confusion with my body and the second period – but maybe not a period? – thing blew up and I hit depression, hard. I had my first mild panic attack in years and then everything became hopeless and bleak. It was awful.

When my depression finally broke, the thought crossed my mind that I should mark it down as a possible cycle symptom. This reminded me of the last time I’d gotten that depressed, and I remembered the last time I’d had chocolate.

The click of evidence lining up was as loud as a gunshot.

I googled chocolate and depression, because it seemed counterintuitive that the two could be linked in anything but an inverse relationship. Lo and behold, a lot of people reported having the same thing happen to them. Although it felt good to confirm that this was a real thing, I also felt , well, sad.

Considering the other circumstances at the time, I’m not yet ready to definitively say that chocolate makes me depressed, but it’s looking more than probable. I will give chocolate one last chance in another month and if it happens again, then, well, I’ll know for absolute certain.

I can at least feel better that during the chocolate reintroduction, my rashes and gut stayed happy.

As for coffee, I began reintroducing that in small quantities again three weeks ago. My HS has not flared since, even after having a nice big cup of joe around my brother’s wedding. I think I can squarely place the blame on the nightshade spices which I had reintroduced the week before. I have been scrupulously avoiding those, and neither rash nor HS has gotten worse since. Phew.

In fact, the inexplicable skin rash is still fading. Just slowly. On a week to week basis, I can see a difference. I just need to stop staring at it every day.

So with coffee, I have added all dairy, seed spices, and nuts to my AIP diet. I’m taking the plunge with tomatoes next week, although I have to admit I’m a little nervous. Since we’re not in the middle of a TTC cycle, and our tomato plants are ripening, I figure this is the best time to try. I’m not sure how wise this decision is considering nightshade spices were iffy, but I am ready to try and I don’t know when I’ll be mentally ready again.



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2 responses to “Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction | Chocolate & Coffee (Redux)

  1. Hey SoA – If I had to choose between coffee and chocolate, I honestly think I’d want coffee more. There are any number of raw cacao & coconut oil DIY chocolate recipes out there for when you need a fix that just may not set you off… perhaps worth a try?

    Wishing you all the best with tomatoes. I’ve got a bad feeling about them (and they seem to be a popular trigger for those of us with HS issues). Fingers crossed you are the exception to that rule.

  2. I’m surprised about the chocolate link. It’s too bad, I hope it’s not the same for me, but I don’t think I have the willpower to quit chocolate to begin with.

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