Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction | Rice (Flour)

Okay, so it wasn’t really rice rice, but then, plain rice hasn’t been a part of my diet for almost three years. Even back when I ate grains regularly, I rarely touched rice because – frankly – I was terrible at making it. I liked pasta better anyway, or a good still-warm loaf of white bread.

I incorporated rice flour by way of some mostly paleo hot cross buns over the Easter weekend. They were a blend of yeast and almond flour and brown rice flour, speckled with currants and cranberries, and held together with gelatin instead of eggs. They were all right, but nothing to write home about. I might work on the recipe more and post it in the future, but there are a dozen better ones out there already, I’m sure.

Still, tasty and a great way to breakfast on top of a hill with a spot of tea and some friends.

For this reintroduction, I mostly just ate a few of the buns over a few days and then called it good. I only really use rice for baking these days, anyway, so it was a good road test. Nothing flared – which I expected – and nothing felt weird, so rice is in. I’ll just have to keep an eye on how many baked goods I make, since having both rice and almond flour really opens up the doors.

The gelatin substitution for eggs worked really well, by the way. I haven’t found many recipes that use it, but the basic ratio is 1tsp gelatin (dissolved in water) to 1 egg. It almost seems too moist when fresh out of the oven, but holds up a whole lot better than other binders – like xanthan or flax seed – after a day or more. I am definitely switching to gelatin in any future baked recipes – at least until I can have eggs again.

Next on the list: giving chocolate another go. This time I’m limiting myself to one Alter Eco chocolate bar over the weekend instead of going crazy. After going through the ingredients of every single chocolate bar at our local grocery store, Alter Eco was the only one that didn’t have soy of some sort. Although a tiny bit of soy probably wouldn’t hurt, I’d rather not have any confounding factors.



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2 responses to “Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction | Rice (Flour)

  1. SoA – thanks for the tip on gelatine. I’m having a bad flare after having my Mum visit for the weekend – I think it was the cultured ghee (and not the red wine!) but not 100%. Controlled reintroduction is my lesson!

  2. It’s good to have a starch to bake with. 🙂

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