My Results (so far) with the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

I’ve been doing the AIP for a good three, almost four months now. I’ve been focusing on stress management, getting lots of sleep, slow intermittent movement, and – the biggy – diet. I’ve been better at times than others at working on the first three parts, but I’ve been fairly consistent with diet and reintroductions the whole time.

The first few weeks were by far the hardest, as I learned how to adjust to the new restrictions. But I’ve since settled into a rhythm and am up to an almost paleo diet again. I started the AIP with a host of skin issues to clear up, but discovered the diet was helpful for some other issues as well. I suspect, however, that eating a diet free of gluten, excess sugar and highly nutrient dense may have had more to do with the latter than the removal of things like eggs and nightshades.

So, what changed exactly? Within the first month my HS had subsided dramatically. Heck, within a few weeks. With reintroductions, I’ve had a few flares and have since realized that it is definitely something I’m eating that causes the outbreaks. What, exactly, I haven’t pinned down yet, but I’m hopeful.

A chronic boil I’ve had for years has also (slowly, steadily) been getting better. This one doesn’t appear to be linked to any specific food, but more to just nutrient quality in general. Further research on my part has brought to light that its root cause might not be autoimmune, but clean eating still helps it heal.

Cycle-wise, my PMS has become nonexistent, my cramps manageable, and my cycles way more regular. I suspect this has more to do – again – with nutrient density and fewer simple carbs than any specific food. But again, we’ll see.

Last but not least, the main and central impetus that drove me to commit to this crazy restrictive diet was the chronic rash that had been slowly consuming my body. The last straw – a patch of rash under my eye – cleared up after a month on the AIP. Other patches have been steadily fading, including a bright red circle that was on my leg. Now I can only tell it’s still there if I run my hand across the area – the skin is still a little rough.

I should have taken more photos for documentation and proof, but, alas, I only thought to take a photo of the initial rash. As you can see below, it’s gotten a lot better:

january-29 april-228

The darker spot is my biopsy scar, which has proven invaluable for me in determining just how much it’s improved. Both photos were taken under the same lighting conditions with the same camera and had the same corrective color balances applied.

Although the rash is better, it still has a time to go before it’s fully healed. I’m hoping it doesn’t take another three months, but I also won’t be surprised. In the meantime, I will keep reintroducing things up to being fully paleo and keep an eye on it. My prime suspect is still eggs, since they still stand out with the most severe reaction so far.

But at least I have some proof that all this no-chocolate, no-Mexican, but lots of offal and bone broth super-strict eating is actually doing some good.



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2 responses to “My Results (so far) with the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

  1. SoA – it is reassuring to know that all this clean living is actually doing some good, isn’t it? I feel exactly the same way. My HS was much improved on a Paleo diet (I suspect mainly gluten & sugar) but on AIP it is virtually non-existent. Life changing.

  2. It’s inspiring to see such great improvement after just three months. Kudos to you!!

    Have you read Tara Grant’s “The Hidden Plague”? Tara documents her struggle with HS and how she sent it into remission using diet and lifestyle. It’s well worth a read!

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