Maybe Baby | DPO 19 and/or CD 6

Wow. Okay. Body, what are you doing?

You know how I mentioned that I thought the autoimmune protocol reintroduction process was going to be a whole lot more obvious and cut & dry than it was?

Yeah, I thought TTC with fresh donor sperm was going to be even more cut and dry. I mean, you’re either pregnant or you’re not, right? There’s two weeks and either you test and it’s positive or you get your period.

Except it’s really: or you test and it’s positive and a week later you get your period. Or you test and it’s negative and your period just keeps not coming so you test again and again and again until you start feeling nauseous and then it’s positive.

Or in my case: you test and it’s negative then you get your period but you don’t because it’s never been that light before and you google implantation bleeding and convince yourself that’s what it is but then for a few moments it starts to resemble your usual only to go back to that weird lightness and you google some more and you avoid drinking too much over the weekend because wtf is going on and then you decide you’ll just wait for all of this to clear up but then a week later you test again and it’s still negative but was that your period, was it really? And all the while you’re trying to make plans for your next attempt.

Wow. Really not nearly as cut and dry as I had expected.

Also, a question to my fellow TTCing lesbians: has the process been affecting your partner’s hormones as well? Because I thought I’d read somewhere about that but now I can’t find it, but my Lady, who used to set her watch by her cycle, is suddenly very irregular. Either I’m messing her up somehow, or this is a very weird coincidence.

In conclusion, I’m still not 100% sure I’m not pregnant – maybe closer to 97.8% – but we’re going to move ahead like I’m not. Gotta get back to trusting my body, I guess.



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6 responses to “Maybe Baby | DPO 19 and/or CD 6

  1. AndiePants

    The first cycle that we used a known donor, I had a 60 day cycle. While I had not always had perfect and regular periods before, this was most certainly a bizarre anomoly. I was very much in the “am I pregnant or not?” camp with negative tests and a ‘missed’ period. I definitely think the introduction of sperm to a body not used to it + the stresses of TTC can make your body do weird things. My guess is that if you had any kind of period, you can consider it a real period. Implantation bleeding is actually more rare than the TTC world would have us believe. And false negatives are also rare. Keep truckin’!

    • Yeah, I keep telling myself that the stress alone of knowing/not knowing is probably enough to mess things up.
      And the internet is great for some things, but terrible for others. I have to remember that it tends to skew rarer things and makes them seem more prevalent.
      Thank you!

  2. This was us on our first try. It sucks. Ours was negative but we had a private test just to make sure. K had a strange few cycles inbetween our attempts so don’t know if it was maybe just the process that threw her body for a loop. I would just carry on as if you aren’t so that you don’t end up waiting out this cycle so keep tracking your ovulation. I know that it can happen though so hopefully you are! X

    • I remember reading that part of your story – it’s kept me moderately sane the last few days. I guess I didn’t realize just HOW similar it was, though. Sperm are so weird!

      • If your body is just getting used to it maybe next time it will be ready to work! We didn’t try that cycle as we didn’t feel that even if it was a period we didn’t think it was a good enough cycle to try. The next one was similar and the one after was back to normal and that’s the one that worked for us! I don’t know if it would have worked on those inbetween ones but I’m glad we waited it was good for us. I’m not saying to wait though! I would carry on with the next try. Good luck!

  3. My cycle is crazy social, much more so than me. Whenever I begin a new job, within a few months, I’m on the same cycle as everyone else as the office. My cycle never seems to want to sync up with my wife’s for some odd reason… Mine is a little longer than hers so, maybe once a year we are in sync?

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