Maybe Baby | 14 DPO & I Have No Bloody Clue Anymore

Okay guys, I really want to move on from this cycle, but my body is not letting me. I thought I started this morning, after two days of spotting, but instead it just turned into more spotting.

The internet tells me it could still be implantation spotting, even 14 days past. The internet also tells me it’s normal for said spotting to look like a very light period. But, the internet says that it’s normal to have a very light period after a TTC cycle. So. What.

Do I just not know yet? Should I maybe not drink gallons of wine tonight? Should I play it safe?

What are you doing, body?



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6 responses to “Maybe Baby | 14 DPO & I Have No Bloody Clue Anymore

  1. For me, the spotting part of a cycle can go into overtime if I’m stressed. I’ve heard drinking 3 cups of green tea can help get a period going.

  2. I would wait and see if it really gets going before accepting it’s an absolute no. We got BFN on CD15 and a BFP on CD18. K had some spotting around that time too.

  3. Call your doctor. That’s what I’d do.

  4. I had a weir period last cycle but that was Clomid cycle #4

  5. sazzleg81

    Omg I’m having same thing, thought period was starting but had virtually nothing since! I had a blood test at 9 days dpo as a clear blue test gave me a really faint line & was negative, now I’m due to start clomid this cycle and thought I was on cycle day 2 now but still nothing! I’m due to start clomid on Monday & I don’t know what to do! Argh!

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