Maybe Baby | DPO 6

This has been a strange few days, but we’re almost halfway there. I was really super excited through the weekend and Monday, itching to test and to know, but I’ve since calmed down. I just can’t know, although I’m sure if it works I’ll point back and go “look at all those symptoms!” Same thing if it doesn’t.

I’m at peace either way. Granted, part of that may have been using an online due date calculator out of curiosity and realizing that we waaaay miscalculated. Our plan was to avoid a due date in December, but a mid-march pregnancy would put us squarely in that month. I probably should have checked that sooner, but I thought my own calculations were spot-on. That is, until I read up on how the weeks are calculated by the medical community. Apparently they don’t remotely go off of ovulation, but instead calculate back to the first day of your last period. Which, as you know, is for every single lady out there exactly two weeks. So before you can even be pregnant, you’re technically two weeks pregnant. *headdesk*

Oh medical community – when do you ever make sense?

Anyway, I also know a lot of the calculations are done according to the baby’s weight further along and all that, but it would still be around December.

So I’m okay if it doesn’t work. But I’m equally okay if it does. I’m also a little less impatient, although still playing symptom bingo.

Speaking of symptom bingo, I’m either a crazy hypochondriac, or my body is freaked out by sperm, or I’m pregnant. Seriously. Even before I started googling early symptoms, I was feeling strangely crampy. Then my appetite went away on Monday and the smell of bananas made me gag. I’ve been having oxtail soup the last few nights which is just basically broth, but just haven’t been hungry enough for anything else. I don’t really want protein in general, plus my sports bra is seriously irritating my breasts.

Of course, all of that could just be me fighting off a bug or PMS symptoms I’ve never really noticed before. When I got PMS in the past, it was usually moodiness and cravings for carbs and chocolate. With the AIP, I haven’t really gotten PMS – although I’ve had some post-MS depression. So if they are just PMS, then it is a strange form of PMS.

Either way, it’s probably all the sperm’s fault. 😛

Ah, eight more days. In the meantime, I’m going to get back into practicing my ukulele. That’ll calm me down. Right?



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8 responses to “Maybe Baby | DPO 6

  1. It could also be that you’re just paying more attention to how your body is feeling in those areas (I’ve started trying to record minor cramps and other things I normally barely notice and quickly forget on ff so that when I’m in a 2ww I can at least be like “wait, this is normal for me to cramp 8 dpo”). Although at this point there aren’t definitive symptoms outside of testing positive on a stick, which never happens this early.
    I hope you’ll get good news next week. 🙂

    • Fat Girl Dancing

      “So before you can even be pregnant, you’re technically two weeks pregnant. *headdesk*”

      That’s why the Arizona 20-week abortion bill was such utter crap. Every woman in Arizona was technically always in a state of pregnancy, so really it was an _18_ week abortion bill.

      Always blame the sperm.

      OMG BABY

    • I was totally going to do that, but I simply forgot when the times came. Also with the AIP my PMS and cycle have just been evening out and normalizing so much that I wasn’t sure I could trust symptoms from cycle to cycle. Still, it would’ve been helpful.

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