Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Reintroduction | Seed Spices


After having such a poor outcome with the egg yolks, I approached seed spices with a great deal more trepidation. I’d thought yolks would be a cinch, after all, while I wasn’t so very certain about the seeds.

This is what I have been avoiding:

  • Allspice
    Sesame (oil)
  • It wasn’t too terrible and I don’t eat most of those on a regular basis – except for cumin and mustard.

    I introduced them the same way I did with eggs – small amounts from Friday through Monday, then tried to eat the same sort of things without and see how it compared. On Friday I had a coconut chai (nutmeg) and drizzled mustard all over my greens and meatloaf. For dinner I had more mustard and a dash of cumin on my burger. All weekend I continued to add a little mustard to my breakfasts. On Monday I did the same, then also had seared ahi tuna with sesame seeds and sesame oil.

    What did I learn? Well, for one thing, mustard is a food of the gods. It was just so much flavor and made the meatloaf enjoyable. I will never underestimate mustard again.

    And with the skin issues… well, it’s looking promising. I didn’t have any gastrointestinal issues like I did with the yolks and my inexplicable skin rash actually looks like it’s healing – at least the large patch on my belly. That’s the one I’ve had for well over a year now.

    My other skin problems are so-so. I had a flare in one, but I’m on the fence about whether or not the spices caused it. It could have been a hold over from the yolks, especially because the flare started Thursday/Friday. So.

    I’m tentatively going to brand seed spices as okay, but I will keep a close eye on them in the coming weeks. I’m feeling confident enough that they’re not problematic to move on, though – to grass fed butter.

    Finally some dairy!


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    1. Good luck with the butter! At Day 5, I am missing eggs and mustard the most (even more than coffee!) I SO understand your frustration over the egg reintroduction issue.

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