January Writing Review

Holy carp! I don’t know what happened or how I did it, but I made my February 1st goals before it was actually February!

My query has been rewritten for the hundredth time, but now it’s something I can actually feel proud of. It makes sense, it’s exciting, and it captures the essence of the story so thoroughly that I actually realized what that essence is. Now I am confident that if an agent passes, it won’t be because my query letter doesn’t stack up – it’ll be because my story isn’t right for them. Or it just sucks. Either way, at least I can stop wondering if I just had a better query…

Right. Now that I have that victory in my pocket, it’s time to move on. My next step is to start querying in earnest, taking an hour or so each day to research and submit to agents. I’m going to use Habit RPG to keep me on track. If I can submit at least one daily, then maybe I’ll get over this tingling terror that crops up every time i even think about querying.

But even more important than querying is moving on. To the next project, to the next edit – basically, to keep writing. I have a story already lined up that I need to finish edits on, so I’ll tackle that next. I need to work on it for a few days before I can figure out a good deadline. Typically, edits take me almost twice as long as I expect them to, so I’ll have to plan accordingly.

So far 2014 has been going well for writing. I finished a query letter, a synopsis, and a quick round of edits on my story. February will be even better as I actually query and start some deeper edits.


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