Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, Day 27

For the month of January I’m following the paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). It’s like a Whole30 – just minus eggs, nightshades, seeds & nuts. It’s a little insane, but the only way to truly find out if a skin issue I have is autoimmune in nature or not. For more information, see my preparation post.

Wot I ate:
– Black tea, sautéed greens, meatballs and sweet potato hash for breakfast
– Chicken/bone broth mix
– Kiwi, grapefruit and an avocado for snacks
– Chicken curry over cauliflower rice with roasted broccoli and butternut squash for lunch
– Beef soup and a banana for dinner
– Bacon, magnesium, and folate for dessert (one of these things is not like the other)

I’ve only got a handful of days left and I’m feeling a mite disappointed. The inexplicable skin rash which was my original impetus for starting doesn’t seem to have improved at all. Which is really disheartening, because it did appear to fade for the first week, then it was just like LOLJK and now I have a new patch on my belly button.

If it had continued to improve, even a little, I would extend my experiment until I was sure it was going away for good. But as it is…

The other two skin conditions, however are better, enough that I’m convinced that they were food related. So I will be reintroducing slowly and methodically to figure out just what.

My current reintroduction schedule:
– Egg yolks
– Alcohol (maybe)
– Seed spices
– Egg whites
– Grassfed ghee
– Coffee
– Grassfed butter
– Chocolate
– Grassfed cream
– Fermented dairy
– Nightshade spices

By the time I get through those, I’ll have thought more about what I want to reintroduce after nightshades, and I’ll update accordingly. Alcohol is early and tentative because my wife is having her second oral exam for her PhD in early February and I want to get drunk with her whether she passes or fails. But, we’ll see. I could also just be the designated driver. 🙂


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  1. Fat Girl Dancing


    I can be DD next week, I’ll be off sugar again

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