Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, Day 20

For the month of January I’m following the paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). It’s like a Whole30 – just minus eggs, nightshades, seeds & nuts. It’s a little insane, but the only way to truly find out if a skin issue I have is autoimmune in nature or not. For more information, see my preparation post.

Day 20. Day 20. I’ve got ten days left! So far, and yet so close.

Wot I ate:
– Banana & tea for pre-breakfast
– Meatballs, a ton of sauteed greens, some avocado, a kiwi & broth for breakfast
– More tea
– Dried mangos and lox with avocado on sliced cucumber for lunch
– Key lime pie for snacks
– Coconut cream over blackberries with honey for dinner
– Picked at some of the ginger chicken and cherry beef we made this afternoon for dessert

My body feels good. We did a hike this morning up a steep hill to watch the sunrise, and even though I was trucking – mostly to keep warm – I didn’t feel out of shape or very out of breath. Considering I’ve only been weightlifting and not really running the last few weeks, this makes me happy. Cardio always seems to leave me fast when I don’t use it, but this time I just felt strong. Go body!

(The view from the top of said hill. Always worth it.)

I still really really really want wine, but most of the other cravings are gone. Even for coffee. I like the idea of coffee, but there’s no physical craving that accompanies the thought.

Other field notes: at least as far as lady issues go, this diet has been a win. Aunt Flo stopped by with only a whimper of PMS for warning and a few hours of cramps. Usually I get depressed/moody a few days before hand and crave sweets hardcore, but this time I only noted an afternoon where I felt empty emotionally. Distressing, but not emotionally breaking. And considering I’ve had a history of horrific cramps, this time was almost a piece of cake.

I just keep hoping it’s only one thing that’s causing the problems, and that it will be easy to figure out and remove. Please not eggs, please not eggs.

Ten more days!


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