Converting to a Standing Desk at Home

A while back, I started standing at work due to a skin rash that made it painful to sit in a chair with a back. I was quickly chastised by Risk Management, but the damage was done: I had discovered that I liked standing. Soon I had my desk set up so that I could convert to standing with just a few well-stacked paper reams and I found that getting on my feet cured many an afternoon sleepiness. Also, I was tons more productive. Something about being up just made me more active, mentally as well as physically.

But since I can’t stand all the time at work without getting in trouble, I’ve been eying a solution for standing up at home. Thing was, my little desk that I had wouldn’t convert easily. So I didn’t change anything, even though it itched at me. Finally the itch became a driving need and I began researching solutions in earnest. It needed to be easy. Minimal hardware involved. Lots of storage. Relatively cheap. The right height. Hmm.

There are a lot of standing desk solutions out there, from complex to put-risers-under-it simple. Nothing quite fit what I needed. But armed with a measuring tape and a general understanding of what to put together, we headed to Ikea. After wandering around some, I finally struck gold. The shorter Billy bookcases were exactly the right height, would provide ample storage, and the white version was (for some inexplicable reason) $20 cheaper. I don’t mind white and could always paint them if I changed my mind. We got a cheap desk top to put across the two bookshelves and voila – a simple standing desk with storage for less than $100. It comes to about 43″ in height, for those of us who are taller ladies or mid-height men.

My desk, before:


And my new, awesome, standing desk:


It’s not a set-up I’d recommend in earthquake-prone areas, but I could easily secure it to the wall and the desk to the shelves if needed. But as is, it’s stable enough for my purposes.

I’ve had it for two whole days and, so far, I love it. I’ve already noticed I’m in a more productive mood when I’m at my desk. It’s as if my mind knows that even though I can stand for a few hours, I can’t stand all day, so I’d better get some work done. Here’s hoping I don’t adapt to that any time soon. 🙂


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  1. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time… maybe now’s the time!

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