Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, Day 17

For the month of January I’m following the paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). It’s like a Whole30 – just minus eggs, nightshades, seeds & nuts. It’s a little insane, but the only way to truly find out if a skin issue I have is autoimmune in nature or not. For more information, see my preparation post.

Wot I ate:
– Tea (I should probably specify that it’s black usually)
– Steak & greens & breakfast cookies for breakfast
– Broth, coconut cream over raisins (not a good combo), an apple, and more breakfast cookies & pumpkin gummies for snacks
– Beef soup for lunch
– Burgers with sauteed onions and mushrooms for dinner
– Magnesium and sleepy time tea

Doing these logs, I’ve really noticed how much I frontload my food. I snack a lot in the morning because no matter how much I have for breakfast, it’s never quite enough. And I’m almost always pretty hungry again by lunchtime. But the rest of the day? Almost nothing. Just some water. And then dinner. It seems weird, but it also feels like it evens out. I wonder if it’s because I get up so early?

Because Friday was also our dating anniversary, we decided to put together a key lime pie using the filling from the Tasty Alternative and the crust from Autoimmune Paleo. The filling uses coconut milk in place of condensed milk and gelatin in place of the egg yolks.

Only after we finished the filling did we realize the instructions said it had to set for at least eight hours in the fridge. Oops. So much for date night pie. 🙂

Spoiler alert: The pie actually worked out very well. I’ll have more deets on day 18, but here’s a preview:



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