Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, Days 11 & 12

For the month of January I’m following the paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). It’s like a Whole30 – just minus eggs, nightshades, seeds & nuts. It’s a little insane, but the only way to truly find out if a skin issue I have is autoimmune in nature or not. For more information, see my preparation post.

This weekend was weird. Still getting over this throat thing, so my appetite is still coming and going. On Saturday I did fine, but on Sunday I found myself thinking I should eat, only to have another hour or two go by before remembering I hadn’t actually eaten anything.

Wot I ate day 11 (Saturday):
– Lots & lots of throat tamer tea pre-breakfast
– Steak with sauerkraut and sauteed arugula & onions, with broth, for breakfast
– Chicken pad thai & blackberries for lunch
– Paleo breakfast cookies & dried mango slices for snacks
– The rest of the beef heart with chimichurri sauce & grain-free tabbouleh for dinner
– Magnesium for dessert :/

Wot I ate day 12 (Sunday):
– Throat coat tea & a chunk of leftover steak for breakfast
– Coconut cream & blackberries for snacks
– Grazed roasted carrots & beets, then had a small bowl of beef soup for lunch
– A chicken thigh for dinner
– More magnesium for dessert

And Sunday is also cooking day, so here are the meals we managed to make for the week:

– Baked green chicken, using this marinade from Nom Nom Paleo
– Riced cauliflower with lime juice & garlic (although we dehydrated it a little too long)
Carrot & Sweet Potato Chili (we didn’t have enough sweet potato, so I supplemented with cauliflower and greens – still super tasty)
– Roasted golden beets & carrots (chop, oil & salt, roast)
– Roasted broccoli
– Pumpkin “cookies” (more like floppies – tried modifying this recipe for just the oven by adding tapioca & arrowroot starch – aaah, not so much)
– Bison meatballs
– Plantain chips

That’s all we were able to make between the two of us being under the weather. We also have several bags of ready-to-sauté greens on hand, salmon and tuna steaks, avocadoes, and two more steaks from our CSA, as well as our freezer supply of ground beef. I noticed I hadn’t had any fish last week, so we might be going overboard on the seafood this week. It all balances out in the end, right?

On the symptoms front, the rashes and bumps still feel like they’re in a holding pattern. I’m also craving chicken skin, which might be a sign. Mmm, collagen.

You might have noticed I’ve added magnesium to my daily line up. I’ve been having mad constipation since the AIP started, and I thought it was because I wasn’t getting adequate fat. After logging my food on the Daily Plate for a few days, I was convinced that wasn’t the case. I usually take a token amount of magnesium daily, especially while weight training, but that wasn’t doing the trick. So I upped it – by a lot – and will see how that works. My theory is that because I’ve been eating such nutrient-dense foods, I’m getting more of some mineral that’s binding to the magnesium I usually get and using it up. I haven’t been lifting since I sliced open my thumb, so it’s not exercise-related.



Two more Sundays of AIP cooking left! I got this.


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