Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, Day 2

For the month of January I’m following the paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). It’s like a Whole30 – just minus eggs, nightshades, seeds & nuts. It’s a little insane, but the only way to truly find out if a skin issue I have is autoimmune in nature or not. For more information, see my preparation post.

For food on day 2, I had:

– One mug broth pre-workout & four sugar-free strips of bacon post
– A large jar full of chicken soup for breakfast
– A banana and coconut cream with blackberries, half of a sweet potato with cilantro guac for snacks
– Chunk of crockpot beef with a smattering of roasted acorn squash and brussel sprouts for lunch
– Managed to remember to take some frozen liver pills around lunchtime
– Grass fed burger with sauteed onions & mushrooms
– Dried mango for dessert

A little less fruit and a little more fat and I could actually feel the satiation difference. I guess this means more bacon? Right??

Day two was also a weightlifting day. We’re in week one of a 10 week strength program, and in the morning we did strict press, deadlift, and assisted pull-ups.

Overall I feel okay. No headache at all, but still a little tired. Granted, this could be because my sleep schedule is still screwed up from staying up late Tuesday night, but it is also due to no coffee. I’m making sure I go to bed early tonight, so we’ll see how day 3 fares.

I think the rash may be looking better in places. It’s hard to tell because it changes color and intensity throughout the day depending on what I’m doing. But the biopsy scar seems visibly darker than the rash around it, which is making me hopeful. It also made me realize that I was assuming this wouldn’t work and I’d be stuck with a rash slowly but inevitably covering my body.

I guess even after all this time and all the good things I’ve seen happen, I still don’t fully trust changes in diet alone to help. I think, if it were that simple, why wouldn’t everyone be doing that? Why wouldn’t the doctor have suggested it instead of shrugging it off and saying I’d have to live with it?

Here’s to being cautiously optimistic.


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