Preparing to do the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

I love food. I really do. Even if sometimes I do an elimination diet here or there that makes it look more like I hate food and myself.

But elimination diets are not supposed to be long term – even the Whole30 peeps don’t advocate a Whole365. Food is awesome. We’re omnivores. But I also love my body.

And my body is still telling me something’s off.

I’ve sung praises about what the Whole30 did for me way back when, and those results have stuck with me on a 90% paleo diet ever since. I haven’t had a panic attack in two years, my depression only flairs for a day or two instead of all the time, and I look and feel awesome. Well. Except for some skin issues.

I’ve read a few places that the very last thing to clear up if you have an issue is the skin. It’s a large, extremely sensitive organ that needs extra special love and care. I’ve cut out most commercial lotions, have been no-poo for six months, and use a homemade coconut oil-based deo, yet certain issues persist.

Namely, this damn itch-less rash that baffled my doctor and dermatologist. All they could tell me was that it was inflammation of some sort. The cause? Unknown. They could prescribe some creams for the itch that didn’t exist. I’d rather find and tackle the cause, thankyouverymuch.

I have other skin issues, too, once of which may be HS, or at least something very similar, that I’ve dealt with for years and years and years, which became marginally better on paleo, but still occasionally has severe flairs. Probably because I also occasionally partake of very non-paleo foods (zomg cupcakes).

So my body is saying “wtf” still, and I’ve decided it’s finally time to tackle the , aka the AIP. The philosophy behind AIP is a lot like the Whole30 – you take out any and everything that could be problematic while eating super nutrient-dense foods. Then you slowly reintroduce things. The AIP is just tons stricter. Like, no eggs, cumin, or tomatoes stricter. Which is like, half my diet.

Which is why I’m taking the time to really prepare and plan for this and why I picked a month that was absolutely devoid of food-based holidays and celebrations to try it. January is cold enough, plus tomatoes aren’t remotely in season.

Other ways I’m trying to psyche myself up include focusing on what I can have versus what I can’t. Such as sweet potatoes and avocadoes, water kefir and bone broth, grapefruits and mangos, grassfed beef and salmon. Instead of the weary, boring drag the AIP can (and probably will) be, I’m searching for exciting new recipes to try out. No coriander? All right – more ginger and turmeric. More thyme and oregano. No cumin? Well. I can go without Mexican for a month. …right?

I won’t be starting for a few more weeks, but when January 1st rolls around, I’ll be sharing my experiences here, hopefully in a mite more detail than I did with the Whole30. Ideally I’ll improve and be able to pinpoint exactly what was the issue and remove it and be thereout hunky dory.


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