Making Banana Pancakes


Sometimes, even here in the desert, you wake up to a rainy, gloomy, cold and windy morning. You were going to go for a run, but all the wet dissuades you. Instead, you’d rather wiggle into a warm robe, pull on fluffy socks, make some coffee, and eat the most comforting weekend food ever.

Only I haven’t made real pancakes in ages, not since realizing that they were the culprit for my Saturday laziness post breakfast. It was amazing how I could eat a ton of pancakes, then be both sleepy and famished within an hour or two. They just had no sticking power. Banana pancakes lasted a liiitle longer, but still didn’t hold up to the rigors of the morning. Eggs it became and eggs it has been ever since.

But sometimes, a rainy morning dawns and you just need banana pancakes with a dousing of maple syrup.

So there are these banana pancakes, the amazeballs paleo version Mark’s Daily Apple first gave us. I’ve since modified it and used the below recipe again and again and it’s so beautifully simple one could just cry. Or, you know, eat pancakes every day. It’s still not quite an everyday food, but at least you can make it until lunch without crashing.

Paleo Banana Pancakes

  • One banana per person
  • Two eggs per banana
  • Optional:

  • One tbsp almond flour per egg
  • A dash of vanilla
  • A pinch of salt
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Take the ripe banana(s) and mush ’em up real good. Hence, the riper the better, since they’re easier to mush. Then mix in your egg and any additional ingredients. I’ve found the almond flour gives it more of a cakey texture, but it’s not necessary. And of course, vanilla and salt and cinnamon make anything better.

    Once mixed, cook ’em like pancakes. I’ve used coconut oil and bacon fat to good effect in the cooking process. Brown on both sides, being careful not to let the heat creep up, and serve warm with fresh berries, marmalade, honey, or – yes – maple syrup. Sprinkle with pecans or walnuts if feeling adventurous.

    They also freeze remarkably well.


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    1. I came to your blog via DITL because I love all the food you guys make. Now I just made these pancakes for the second time and I have to say thank you so much for sharing the recipe; they’re just awesome!

      I didn’t have the time to watch and flip them this time around so I turned them into pancake muffins. I had them with raspberries, some flax seeds, walnuts and maple syrup and even managed to take a picture before devouring them all:

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