Two! Two eggs! Ha ha ha!

You can see how much smaller they are than the “large” storebought eggs we get from Trader Joe’s. Upon breaking, their yolks were of a similar size, but the whites definitely a bit less.

Yes, we broke them. Yes, we ate them. I was a little surprised by the flavor – it wasn’t so much different as fuller. I’m looking forward to trying them out in baking – I’ve heard all sorts of wonderous things regarding fresh eggs and souffles. 😉



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3 responses to “Eggciting!

  1. When I was pregnant and learned that I wasn’t supposed to eat raw egg because of the risk of salmonella, I really missed licking the batter bowl when I baked. Then I met someone who keeps backyard chickens, and I did some reading and decided that the risk of infection from small-scale free-range bug-eating chickens was so low as to be insignificant and I gratefully accepted those eggs and went back to licking those batter bowls. So… do you know anyone locally who’s pregnant? You could really brighten her day.

    • I don’t right now – one of my friends recently gave birth – but I will soon! I remember reading that in my chicken research somewhere, since on a small-scale there’s just such a smaller chance of contamination. Thanks for the reminder!

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