Superherodom Update: Hullo March!

Well, there went February. I hit my main goal, which was to finish a final draft and ship it off to my betas. I’ve heard back from a few and my plan for the weekend is to shore up those areas they’ve pointed out. But I’m struggling like hell with the query letter. Every iteration sounds more stilted than the last and it’s close to the point of hair-rending. But it has to be done. I have to complete it and it has to be the best thing ever, to assuage my fear that I’m sabotaging myself in that area.

If there were some magical way to write a query and have it work, I would publish that far and wide and retire a rich, old man. But, alas, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of them, read query critiques and parsed why some work and others simply don’t. There are rules to follow, of course – start with your MC, tell us what she wants and show us how this story stands out from the thousands of others filling up the agent’s inbox – but alas, these do not magically condense into a fully functional query.

Ah, enough whining. On to March goals!

This month, I’m going to focus on ONE superhero goal, instead of flailing about at all of them and making no noticeable progress on any. For March, I’ve picked the back squat, which means working towards 10 reps at body weight. Considering right now, on a good day, I can do (maybe) 4 reps at BW, this will probably take longer than March. But let’s see about doubling that, shall we?

My other big goal for the year – receiving 50 rejections – will begin in earnest this month. I will have a serviceable query letter by the end of this week (OR ELSE), and then it’s off to researching and submitting to agents – and trying not to fall desperately in love with all of them.

This will free me up in a big way by mid March to really work on my next WIP. Planning for the WIP will begin by week two and I aim to have a solid start (i.e. 10k-20k usuable words) by the end of March. It will also be a nice change to transition from high/epic fantasy to something a little sillier and more urban fantasy-ish, minus the love triangles (which, is that even possible?). OIBM is about the harbingers of the apocalypse – summoned prematurely. With bonus! magic, redheads, demons, not to mention wedding planning.

So that’s March. Hullo, March!


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  1. Congratulations on reaching the beta stage! Not so much excitement re:querying. Is there really any way to get around query/synopsis writing apart from “write, fail, repeat until idea soup ferments into luscious epiphany wine”? If you have discovered that, yes there is, you are a genius.

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