Goals & Superherodom Update

The illness of January – it should really have a more epic name, like the Creeping Sludge Disease of First Month – set me back on my aspirations, but not nearly as terribly as I had feared. Although I skipped out on Crossfit for a week and didn’t lift for three (three!!), I used that extra time to work on my other goal, which I had been thoroughly shirking prior.

That is, my goal of receiving 50 rejections by the end of the year. The first step of that goal was to have my final edits done by February and – hey look! – it’s February. I am forced to admit that said edits are not yet done, but I am on track to be done by mid-February. There was a bit more work than I had originally thought and the ending was a lot shabbier, too. But it’s coming together. As I prune away each wonderful but wholly unnecessary scene/subplot point, the whole of the story grows stronger and more robust. It’s like a tree – you can let it grow wild and every which way and deal with the inevitable branch that breaks off in a winter storm and smashes the roof of your car, or you can trim it back and stimulate healthier growth that fills out the tree where it needs it. It’s tough and maybe you really liked that branch/subplot, but overall it’s better for the story/tree.

Today I go back to lifting on a regular basis. I will also be simultaneously training for a 7.4 mile run in April because why not? No, actually, because I intended to run it last year but because I never actually signed up, I never actually trained, and the day came and went without me. This year it’s different. This year my form is in the mail and we are two months out. This year, I know I can run four miles. This year I will do it.

How’re your resolutions going?


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